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Feb 21

AVID class 2011 Murchison Middle School

2011 AVID Video Contest: Murchison Middle School from David Scott Faris on Vimeo.

Ms. Wilson's 8th grade students explain the structure and importance of the Murchison Middle School AVID curriculum.

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Tuesday Feb, 21, 2012 0:0
Apr 21

So Music capital of the world is also #1 in USA for tech jobs

You should see my smile when I red this this morning, going through the list of top 25 cities for tech jobs, passing Washington DC, Devner, Portland, NY and San Francisco, which I was pretty sure that it will be #1, no, passing all those and landed into Austin, TX Read more >>>

Thursday Apr, 21, 2011 0:0
Feb 21

The Free ride

We really had a good time in that free ride, we even had a bus breakdown that made us walk to our car using GPS in phone

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Monday Feb, 21, 2011 0:0
May 26

My wife is a car driver

I need to write these down before I forget it.

My wife is now a good car driver, and has her own car.
She start learning how to drive early Jan 2010
In Late Jan 2010, I bought another car (Highlander Hybrid 2006) and sold my NISSAN XTERRA 2001 to my brother with easy payments.

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Wednesday May, 26, 2010 0:0
May 23

Another car to fix

Here we are again, I need to spend around $1,000 on my wife's car to do the A/C.

I kind of expected that, but not this soon. I need to replace the compressor, hoses and some other stuff. It is kind of everything.

Now my wife is driving in this summer without A/C.

Sunday May, 23, 2010 0:0
May 2

Refugees in Austin video

Check out this video about the life in US
I really liked what between the lines


Between the lines, I meant that US is the country that holds everyone between its arms.

No one is better than another.
Everybody is the same.
All religions is respected.
Just like our Islam !!

That is really impressive, guess who is on this video???

[Flash 10 is required to watch video.]

Sunday May, 2, 2010 0:0
Apr 28

My beloved city

Austin ranked as no 10 in the list of The Best Places for Business and Careers in 2010

I was always thinking that I had a lot of chances elsewhere, may be larger city, NYC, DC, San Francisco.

But what kept me is that, I am still having some chances here.

There is a say: The bad that you know is better than a good that you don't know.


Check out the link here for the list

Wednesday Apr, 28, 2010 0:0
May 28

US street types

From the start, I was wonderring what are the letters that come after the street names, and finally I got a list of all possible street types from online webpage, here are some of them:
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Thursday May, 28, 2009 0:0
Oct 8

The big move to Austin

Austin Business Journal had an article about my family coming here in Austin Here is the link
These were really exciting days, I finally reached my new Home (I used to say "I lost my home and found it")

Anyways These days are fill with hope and waiting, I can not wait to start my life here and let my kids to adjust and start doing their school


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Monday Oct, 8, 2007 0:0