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Apr 21

How do I import data into a program like excel through a virtual RS232 port?

I bought a scale and a USB interface kit, which connects the scale to the computer by using a generic interface based on the RS232 serial standard. According to the manual, data sent from the balance is in USB format, which is then directed to a virtual port. This port then appears as an RS232 port to the application program. It came with a cd with software to create the required virtual port, but I don't know how to get an application to connect to the port, or which application to use.


I am afraid this will depend on the application you have in that CD

What is the type of the files that that application can export to?

If it is a common one (I guess they must have a common one) then you can easily export ti to Excel

Common ones like
Tab delimited text (TXT)
Comma Separated Values (CSV)


Tuesday 4/21/2009 3:56:31 PM
Jan 16

2 questions regarding memory stick and excel file?

1.I put memory stick in pc and work on some files. Now, when I want to save some typing I did on a file in a folder on the memory stick and go to save, pc box says" Cannot open the ..... 3 reasons. One reason is a file with that name is already open." I have to close file without saving revision.

2. I exit computer and then later turn on and click on drive with memory stick plugged in and it cannot access the files I previously saw when I double clicked on K-file. Blank screen where previously the screen showed the files I was typing in.


Sounds like a virus to me

Make sure you have a good antivirus

Besides that
The best way to edit files from USB drive, is to copy it to a fixed drive

Sometimes Windows disconnect the USB drive and that will delete the connection between the application and the file opened


Friday 1/16/2009 11:31:51 AM
Apr 22

Dell Latitude D600 Laptop USB problem.?

Hello, I have Dell Latitude D600 laptop and have a problem with it.

USB devices aren't working propertly when charger is plugged in and rarely when it is unplugged. For example my USB mouse can move around 10-15 seconds, then stop for 2 or 3 sec and cursor continue moving. If I run Windows I hear sound notification that device is disconnected and sound notification that device is connected after 2-3 seconds again.

It is not looking like Windows problem, because I have same issue under Linux.

Thanks. Any advice appreciated.


Did you installed all device drivers?
If you didn't you should do that first, including BIOS update from Dell company site.
Second: does only the mouse making that problem? or is it any USB device? so you can tell if it is the mouse problem or not.
Third: Do you have any other USB devices connected to the computer at that time, there may be a conflict in the USB.
Forth: Try to use other USB port.
Fifth: Mark me as best answer if this helped you
Sixth: If all these couldn't help you I suggest reinstall Windows.
Seventh: If it is still the same, just put your computer below one of your cars tyres, I am sure this will help.


Saturday 4/22/2006 4:53:03 AM