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Apr 9

How to find people to make video tutorials?

I have started an internet company, and we are looking for competent people to produce video’s for us on how to use various software applications. I am having real problems finding the right people. What are the best sites to advertise on? How can I best get in contact with the right people?

In essence I need to find a good strategy to find people to make the video's. The rate of pay is on a per video basis with most people averaging about $20 an hour or more. We are having trouble finding people to meet our needs. We have tried approaching people on Youtube / other video sites, but his has proved very inefficient. We did approach people that work for competing websites, but they are asking too much. We are a start-up site, with limited financial resources.

All that is needed is someone with a clear voice, and good knowledge of specific software, and free software and a microphone (found on most webcams). The computer would record the screen, while you give an audio commentary (on how to reconfigure the autocorrect in Microsoft Word (for example)).

Over the next 4-8 weeks are looking to produce 30-100 high quality video tutorials for each of the following subjects:

• Vista,
• Windows XP,
• Excel,
• Outlook,
• Powerpoint,
• Publisher, Photoshop CS,

An audio commentary would be required, and an example of our site content can be found on visiting (soon to be !).

If you know of anyone that could help please reply to this post or email .

Obviously I am open to other strategies or suggestions for commissioning people on a "work for hire" basis? What are the best sites for me to go on?


That is good
I am thinking of joining you guys

shoot me an email here

Thursday 4/9/2009 12:58:20 PM