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Jan 16

2 questions regarding memory stick and excel file?

1.I put memory stick in pc and work on some files. Now, when I want to save some typing I did on a file in a folder on the memory stick and go to save, pc box says" Cannot open the ..... 3 reasons. One reason is a file with that name is already open." I have to close file without saving revision.

2. I exit computer and then later turn on and click on drive with memory stick plugged in and it cannot access the files I previously saw when I double clicked on K-file. Blank screen where previously the screen showed the files I was typing in.


Sounds like a virus to me

Make sure you have a good antivirus

Besides that
The best way to edit files from USB drive, is to copy it to a fixed drive

Sometimes Windows disconnect the USB drive and that will delete the connection between the application and the file opened


Friday 1/16/2009 11:31:51 AM
Apr 22

I can get emails but i can't move them or send never happen before?


I think you have virus (I am not quite sure), but let us try the following first.
1- Clear history and cookies
2- Delete temporary internet files
Both 1 and 2 are in Internet options from Control panel
3- Restart computer and try again
4- Mark me as best answer if the problem goes with the wind
5- otherwize I suggest install and run a good anti virus.

Saturday 4/22/2006 1:31:48 PM
Mar 29

Why wont my Limewire open?

Ok Limewire was working fine until i tried to download counterstrike. After that i gave up becuase i couldnt get it to work. When i tried to open BF2 nothing happened except it froze loading the black screen. It kept doing this counteuiously. I performed a system restore and everything was going fine.. except limewire kept popping up every 10 seconds and my ctrl alt delete wouldnt work. I restored again and got everything working fine. Later when I tried to start Limewire it wouldnt come up and all i got was the little hourglass for a split second like it was going to load it but it cant. I really need my music!!!! I have tried uninstalling and installing but that didnt work. BTW I did a spybot scan and found viruses so I killed them. I also tried undoing those viruses to see if it would work then, but it still didnt so i killed them again. PLZ HELP!!!!


I don't think you can solve this problem without installing antivirus software, And As it mentioned get ready to format and reinstall Windows because will see a brand new creative problem every day.
BUT you still can get your music by copying the files in C:\Program files\Limewire this is the place where it usually saved your music, Unlless you change it.

Wednesday 3/29/2006 7:36:45 PM