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Nov 19

Microsoft excel selection movement behavior?

in excel, there is an option to choose which direction the selection will move after pressing enter on the current cell (i.e. down, right, etc). i frequently have to change this option because i require different behaviors depending on which worksheet i am working on. is this only a global option or is it possible to set this behavior specific to a particular worksheet?


Yes, it is global

Now there is a trick that you can use

- Select a range of cells, say B5:F12
- Now in your selection, you can edit first cell
- Then move using Enter, Shift+Enter, Tab, Shift+Tab
- Enter, moves cursor down (assuming default settings in Options)
- Shift+Enter, moves it up
- Tab, moves it to the right
- Shift+Tab, moves it to the left
- Notice that you cursor will not go out of your selection earlier
- As long as you don't use Arrow keys, this will be valid

Again , these assuming you have default settings

Bottom line, using these keys will help you decide where to go after every cell edit

I think that is the only way around your situation

let me know if it helped

Saturday 11/19/2011 5:18:39 PM