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May 11

How can you make an excel workbook, with about 1500 formulas that total from 3 other workbooks?

The auto fill does not work because it is pulling in information from 3 separate workbooks. Is there a quicker way then building all the formulas separately.


It looks like you have custom external links,
something like this…
This lesson will show you how to get values from several sheets

And also this one to show you how to generate external links…


Tuesday 5/11/2010 8:36:52 AM
Apr 25

I am using Microsoft Excel 2003.?

I am wanting to make a list of words so that by typing in the first letter it will automatically fill in the whole word. I do not want to have to type the list of words first (there are alot of them!!), but for this to be a setting which i can apply to different sheets. I do not want the validation option of a drop down list (there are just too many words i need to auto fill) Is this possible?
Please help! thank you!


Options 1:
If you have these words in one column, once you try to enter a word, Excel will automatically list the words that starts with the same letter

Option 2:
If you have all these words listed in a column also, right click on the empty cell (below it) and select "Pick from list"

Option 3:
Data Validate (which you already refused to do) but, you can make it Auto-updated, so when you add a word to your list, it will automatically be in the populated list…

Option 4:
Use some macros to do that

Option 4 requires some work and sample files, reply me here if you are interested


Saturday 4/25/2009 7:05:09 AM