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20 Blog posts tagged with baghdad

Aug 21

IraqiNames or ArabicNames in Bootstrap

A long past due project that comes to life within 3 weeks. with flexibility to add new names by users, add transliterations and name means.
I admit, I am having some free time. Read more >>>

Friday Aug, 21, 2015 7:36
Apr 5

One of my childhood dreams imagination feeder

This cartoon was one of my childhood dreams feeder, it fed my imagination a lot and made me think the way I am thinking now, really enjoyed it.

Friday Apr, 5, 2013 0:0
Mar 9

Baghdad bombings

I hate to put this, but I just want to make sure tht we do not forget these days

Baghdad Bombings 2005-06-11

Read more >>>

Saturday Mar, 9, 2013 0:0
Feb 9

Cars I drove

List of cars I drove, since TOYOTA CORONA 1980 (Yup, I am that old) that I used to drive when I was 12 years (Yup, my dad gave me permission) until the INFINITI JX35 that I adore.

Saturday Feb, 9, 2013 0:0
Jan 26

I3 position termination

After 4 years of working in Austin, TX, and 2 years in Baghdad, Iraq.
Ideal Innovations Inc. has terminated my position.
I started on Jan 1st 2006 back in Baghdad, Iraq with I3 and has been learned a lot about career and jobs within American culture.
It has been an honor working with all these fantastic staff, even if I have to admit that this is not my best position, but it was indeed my first one that showed me the light on dark spots in my career life.
Good by I3 and hope I can server you better in future. Read more >>>

Thursday Jan, 26, 2012 0:0
Dec 20

Old family pix and videos

Just got the first bag of our old family photos with some videos.
When I say "Old" I mean 1980s and 1990s photos and videos.
I admit this is one of my wildest dreams, to get them digitize and archived, then share them with family and friends, each with its password to allow religious access.

The VHS videos are the challenging ones, several ones have already been converted into CDs, however, we still have a lot. Read more >>>

Tuesday Dec, 20, 2011 0:0
Nov 4

Faalih AbdelJabbaar = Ali AlWardi

I need to agree on everything this guy says. It is very clear that he has a full knowledge of what is going on in Iraqi's people minds Edaat interview for Faalih AbdelJabbar (in Arabic) Read more >>>

Friday Nov, 4, 2011 0:0
Oct 23

Azher Mehdi

Azher Mehdi, one of my old friends from Baghdad, we were together , me, my brother Ghassan, Anees my cousin and Azher hanging around and reading books from my father's big book library.
Anees was the one that has most passion for books, especially Islamic ones and that was the reason that Saddam and his guys killed him. Read more >>>

Sunday Oct, 23, 2011 0:0
Oct 3

Quick response

During a visit to the doctor, the nurse was trying to get my blood pressure and the meter slipped when she was trying to clip it on my finger, that is when I felt that it will fall and quickly moved my hand to hold it.
At that minute, the nurse was saying "Waao! you have a quick response.!!!"

I spent the few minutes after that remembering the few "Quick" responses I had, and here are some of them:

- Once when I was in High school in Baghdad around 1992. Read more >>>

Monday Oct, 3, 2011 0:0
Jan 29

Itaf or Outaf

My older sis in UAE, had a huge show (Fashion show) and it looks like she is doing well.

Good luck Itaf, or Outaf as they called her

Saturday Jan, 29, 2011 0:0
Jul 13

I have used this, can you believe it?

You need to think about starting multitasking, really

Tuesday Jul, 13, 2010 0:0
Jul 12

multiple tasks / projects again

It is that time again, I do love these days of multiple projects dues and work need to be done.

Read more >>>

Monday Jul, 12, 2010 0:0
Jul 5

Iraqi says: Local singer would not entertain

An iraqi say, says that "Local singer, would not entertain", I love these types of says that are full of wisdom.

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Monday Jul, 5, 2010 0:0
May 22

Can I get back?

I was talking with my kids yesterday, telling them that a joke is the best way to break down all walls with stranger.

And then rememberred when I was using that tool with any new customer.

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Saturday May, 22, 2010 0:0
Jan 31

Sabaawi, Saddam and his men in Iraq and what they used to do

This is part of what we had to live with all these 25 years in Iraq, no wonder we all act like have a psychological malfunctions


Read more >>>

Sunday Jan, 31, 2010 0:0
Jun 29

US Troops withrdawal

As an Iraqi living in the United States
Tomorrow is when the US troops are withdrawal from all Iraqi cities; I couldn’t let that pass by without writing these words…

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Monday Jun, 29, 2009 0:0
Apr 18

Tears go down when I see this, everytime

Why do my tears run fast when I see this trailer?

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Saturday Apr, 18, 2009 0:0
Mar 31

Most depressed cartoon ever

Imagine that we had this cartoon showing on in my days, jfyi we had only 30 miutes of cartoon every day only, other times are for politics and Saddams speaches, bla bla bla

Indeed the most depressed cartoon ever

Tuesday Mar, 31, 2009 0:0
Feb 23

First time after 17 years

I am excited these days, My younger Uncle "Imad" will come to our city, I have been here in the United states for 18 months now and didn't see him
Read more >>>

Monday Feb, 23, 2009 0:0
Sep 26

My Desktop at that time

As you can see, it is my desktop at 2005, I was working at File1 at that time and got my webcam to spy on the door to see if there is someone coming in.
Also I used to play spider solitaire, and I got this screen to show the score I got to my friends.

Monday Sep, 26, 2005 0:0