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Apr 7

Auto Generate Calendar in Excel?

Anyone know how to generate a calendar, in excel, with appointment entries from worksheet data as a sourc?. Just like creating a graph and using worksheet as data source. Want to do the same thing, but populate a calendar. Thanks


Here is a free calendar for any month any year
It also has the ability to show your appointments for a full year…

Enjoy it


Tuesday 4/7/2009 5:43:51 AM
Jan 16

Is it possible to add a calendar alert to Excel spreadsheet?

I've created a Excel '07 spreadsheet as a calendar. Is it possible to insert pop-up alerts/reminders in the spreadsheet?


Yes, using macros, for example:

Put this code in the Workbook module in the VBA (ALT+F11)
Private Sub Workbook_Open()
Application.OnTime Worksheets( "Sheet1").Range( "A1").Value, AlertSub
End Sub

And put this in a new Module after you insert it

Sub AlertSub()
MSGBOX "Alert", VBOkOnly
End Sub

Assuming you have the cell A1 in Sheet1 having the time that you want to alert in

Close the Excel file, and reopen it again with macros enabled, then it is done

VBAXLMan is back to feed your Excel needs

Friday 1/16/2009 9:14:43 AM
Jan 8

How can I??.....?

I'm creating a calendar on excel would it be possible to add a background picture to the calendar? do i do it step by step? can anyone please help me??


You can
1- Put the picture as in (Format > Sheet > Background) and then remove the gridlines from (Tools > Options > Show gridlines)
2- Make the calendar itself as a picture using the camera option in Excel. (You will need to mail me for this help file, I can't attach files here)

In all of these ways, you can use my calendar that I would be proud to give freely, it works for all years all months

take it from the free applications section here

Enjoy my profile, I am the VBAXLMan

Monday 1/8/2007 12:55:55 AM