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Jan 20

Microsoft Office 2010 Word Expert

Ok, I admit, I did it without thinking
I failed to pass the 700 points of Mictosoft Office Specialist 2010 Word Expert (MOS) from the first time,
I went to the test without any ideas of what I am going to face, and the level of test was high, so I failed, next time, I will prepare for it. Read more >>>

Sunday Jan, 20, 2013 0:0
Oct 6

My new name: Moheddin VS Addeen VS Amdeen

I am going to change my name, it is a chance I am having now after 5 years of living in the states.

We were thinking of this a lot, a lot of new names came into surface, and everytime I search for the domain before I go with it.

Since was not available, niether, I thought would be good for us, until today my father called me to suggest ... Read more >>>

Saturday Oct, 6, 2012 0:0
Oct 4

New certificates wave

After suttling down in North Chicago area for few months now, I am thinking of getting back to one old hobby I used to develop two years ago.

It is hunting certificates, Microsoft Office Specialist Certificates. Read more >>>

Thursday Oct, 4, 2012 0:0
Aug 27

Certificate collector

After taking the fourth exam and passing all the way, now, I am officially a:

Microsoft Office 2007 Specialist, and Microsoft Office 2007 Master

Link to my transcript on Certiport

Read more >>>

Friday Aug, 27, 2010 0:0
Aug 25

Third exam, third certificate

Have just passed the Microsoft Office Specialist in PowerPoint 2007, Daaa

I will do the Word 2007 on Friday to get the Microsoft Office Master certificate.

Wednesday Aug, 25, 2010 0:0
Aug 23

Second step to Microsoft Office Master

Just got the Microsoft Office Specialist in Outlook 2007, which is the second step to gain Microsoft Office Master certificate.

Will do PowerPoint and Word on Wed and Fri.

Monday Aug, 23, 2010 0:0
Aug 17

Preparing for Microsoft Office Master certificate

After doing well in Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Specialist certificate, I got the energy to do other Office certificates.

Outlook, PowerPoint and Word, doing those three will entitle me to get the Microsoft Office Master certificate.

It was kind of an old old dream, to start doing these certificates, and here we are!!!

Tuesday Aug, 17, 2010 0:0
Aug 14

Microsoft Office Specialist

I was almost running after these certificates for several years now, I just didn't have the time and the effort to do it.

Read more >>>

Saturday Aug, 14, 2010 0:0