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Dec 11

How to convert to Excel formula?

Please help, im not sure about this Excel formula.
I need to enter the following equation into the formula/function bar in Microsoft Excel but not sure if its completely right .

V = 0.000045 + 1/4p0.09^2[0.15+0.035-(0.035cos180+v( 0.15^2-0.035^2sin^2*180))]

I think i got most of it right, but dont know how to do the Pi, Cos, Sin or the square root.


Pi is PI() in excel

So od this
... 1/4*PI()*0.09^2 ...

Sunday 12/11/2011 8:14:43 PM
May 7

How can I insert intervals of numbers, not discreet elements into Excel?

I need to sketch the sin, cos functions' graph in Excel. I have a problem with a domain. I don't want to manually type myriad values - even then, the graph is sharp, not curved, and inaccurate. Is there a possibility that I simply set an interval, infinite, but bounded set, as a domain? If yes, how do you do it?


You need as many points as you can to do the exact curved sin
to answer your question, do the following:
- Do the first number you want in a cell, say you do 5 in cell E4
- Now do the second number with the intervals into the second say.
So if you want to have the numbers as 5, 15, 25 (with 10 interval), put 15 in cell E5
- Now select both cells
- Drag the selection from the black square at the right bottom corner down to whatever range you want.

Or, you can also do:
- Put 5 in cell E4
- Select some range of cells including cell E4 (Cells E4 to E20)
- Go to:
Edit > Series > Fill (if you have Excel2003 or earlier)
Home > Fill > Series (below SUM sign)

And select the interval and stop value


Friday 5/7/2010 1:54:43 PM