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Oct 26

Frequent quick copy or Move

To copy quick to a certain location without jumping to copy and paste I usually get files in certain location, and most of the time want to move/copy them into same destination location A quick way to do that, is creating shortcut to that destination folder inside the source folder. Then when I want to copy/move a file, I just drag that file from the source folder (with CTRL to force copy, with Shift to force move) into the shortcut And it will be moved/copied as I intended to :-) Read more >>>

Wednesday Oct, 26, 2016 8:23
Feb 26

Methods to speed up VBA long loops in Excel

Edit 2015-03-02: Thank you all for all these comments and appreciate the suggestions, not that I do not appreciate them, just want you all know that this is not a question, I am not asking for help, I am only stating the findings that I landed on. thanks again

This is the second time, the first time was back in 2003 when I was creating some project that has long loops, and it needed me few days to discover that the best way to handle these long loops is to combine between Excel cell functions and VBA WorksheetFunction

You see in case you are struggling here

to go through each row in a sheet, we can one of the following:

Read more >>>

Thursday Feb, 26, 2015 8:35
Feb 19

Shutdown, restart, etc using shortcuts

Beow are the (Run) commands that you can create shortcuts to to shutdown, restart, hibernate and sleep your Win7. Where you can create shortcuts and double-click to run it:
Read more >>>

Tuesday Feb, 19, 2013 0:0
Feb 19

Protect VBE Project from Excel VBA macro

After several attempts, I was able to make a macro to protect itself (protect the VBA project in VBE).
This is very rarely used and may not be successful. Read more >>>

Tuesday Feb, 19, 2013 0:0
Feb 9

Sites transfers and moves

Spent few hours (when was trying to fix one of my clients email issues) into moving most of my sites to my own server.
This was prepared for few weeks now, in addition to my client sites, I also moved,,, Most of them were linked to this site.
The new challange now is to host email server on my own and start providing email services.

Saturday Feb, 9, 2013 0:0
Oct 9

My desktop screen

It has been a while since last time I posted my screen, here they are two of them

Tuesday Oct, 9, 2012 0:0
Apr 6

Adding PHP+Wordpress on 1st Server

After few days of setting it up, I now have Microsoft SQL database along with MySQL database and PHP.
I needed also to install Wordpress, which I installed few hours ago.
I have these sites now on my own server:

These are the first three sites, in preparing to move in completely to host my own sites on my own server.

Friday Apr, 6, 2012 0:0
Mar 25

Excel VBA 2011 for Mac

This is the first project I got to work in Excel 2011 for Mac.
I knew I had to do something there somewhen, and here it is.
The project called "Macrijan" and it is for "Intillijury", I need to either buy a Mac with Excel2011 or Install Mac as Virtual machine.
I already learned some new stuff regarding the path and hard drive names, and need to update my functions I had for few years now (mostly FixPath, GetPapa and GetSon).
However, I still got a lot to learn, this link can help in that Mac

It is going to take a while, but I am up to the challange.

Sunday Mar, 25, 2012 0:0
Dec 21

Google Calendar in Windows 7 Gadgets

Finally, got the Windows 7 gadget that reads my Google calendar. whoo, that was tough

Sounds very easy to find one, but since Windows Gadget service has been shutdown and only few gadgets are online within Microsoft website, I needed to search for a while.
Find the app within the Auther site, or here in Lib - ANmars Recommended Apps (ARA)

Finally found it, thanks to Eelke Spaak

Wednesday Dec, 21, 2011 0:0
Aug 1

Regular workday screehshot

As you can see, I was working with I3 and EA at that time, doing remote desktop using Remote Desktop Connection or TeamViewer was what made me able to do these two positions at the same time.

Monday Aug, 1, 2011 0:0
Jul 8

Starting screenshot on my laptop

As you can see in most of my screenshots forthe past years, I used Multi-desktop, which has been a way to organize my thinking and working at the same time.

Friday Jul, 8, 2011 0:0
Jan 4

Working with my website fun

Working with my website

Tuesday Jan, 4, 2011 0:0
Nov 14

Installing XP on VISTA-Only Computers

I am now taking the challenge to install XP on computers already with VISTA.
This is really a challenge since you need to disable the SATA setting in the BIOS, and the name of the setting is not the same in every PC.
Sometimes they call it Enable SATA compatible.
Also you will need to get the drivers ready for all devices, and after that, you will have to try more than one for every device since the first time is always wrong.
You may need to look for the device drivers for another machines that are compatible with your device, something like searching HP laptop drivers for the modem that your DELL is using.

Sometimes also the drivers for VISTA can run in XP (If you did not use the exe file and install the driver from the Control Panel instead

Friday Nov, 14, 2008 0:0
Sep 26

My Desktop at that time

As you can see, it is my desktop at 2005, I was working at File1 at that time and got my webcam to spy on the door to see if there is someone coming in.
Also I used to play spider solitaire, and I got this screen to show the score I got to my friends.

Monday Sep, 26, 2005 0:0