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Sep 21

Returning customer, back to .NET

When you see a returning clinet, you know that they like you (or that your price is too low :-) ).
Any how, I got a returning client for the first time in few years now, it is clear that they liked my work (and possible my prices too). This time with a complete new project. Read more >>>

Monday Sep, 21, 2015 7:23
Feb 26

Methods to speed up VBA long loops in Excel

Edit 2015-03-02: Thank you all for all these comments and appreciate the suggestions, not that I do not appreciate them, just want you all know that this is not a question, I am not asking for help, I am only stating the findings that I landed on. thanks again

This is the second time, the first time was back in 2003 when I was creating some project that has long loops, and it needed me few days to discover that the best way to handle these long loops is to combine between Excel cell functions and VBA WorksheetFunction

You see in case you are struggling here

to go through each row in a sheet, we can one of the following:

Read more >>>

Thursday Feb, 26, 2015 8:35
Jan 11

DB restoration

I am not sure if the hacking attempt late last year or I messed something up while using my Excel-based website admin, my DB was messed up and I had to spend around 3 hours to clear and restore.

I really need to finish that Excel-based DB autobackup application soon.

Sunday Jan, 11, 2015 0:0
Apr 1

Unlimited plan, not unlimited anymore

So the limited plan I thought I have is not so "Limited"
My files online have crossed the 25GB limit, that made the people at my hosting company to contact me and complain that my files is taking too much space and I need to delete some.

IT was a shock, but I remember that there was talking for a while about how "Unlimited plans" are not so "Unlimited". Read more >>>

Monday Apr, 1, 2013 0:0
Feb 19

Protect VBE Project from Excel VBA macro

After several attempts, I was able to make a macro to protect itself (protect the VBA project in VBE).
This is very rarely used and may not be successful. Read more >>>

Tuesday Feb, 19, 2013 0:0
Feb 14

Delete sheet from Excel VBA without warning

I know it is all around the net, this tip has been helping a lot in my VBA coding.
The funny part is that I don't use it much, but when I need it I have to go online and search for it.
So, smarty pants here decided to put it on my blog, and when searching, I can find it faster. Read more >>>

Thursday Feb, 14, 2013 0:0
Feb 9

Sites transfers and moves

Spent few hours (when was trying to fix one of my clients email issues) into moving most of my sites to my own server.
This was prepared for few weeks now, in addition to my client sites, I also moved,,, Most of them were linked to this site.
The new challange now is to host email server on my own and start providing email services.

Saturday Feb, 9, 2013 0:0
Jan 20

Microsoft Office 2010 Word Expert

Ok, I admit, I did it without thinking
I failed to pass the 700 points of Mictosoft Office Specialist 2010 Word Expert (MOS) from the first time,
I went to the test without any ideas of what I am going to face, and the level of test was high, so I failed, next time, I will prepare for it. Read more >>>

Sunday Jan, 20, 2013 0:0
Oct 29

7 phone calls for 2 Excel/VBA positions

I knew I will reach this point someday, I just got 7 phone calls about 2 positions, they are the same 2 positions and 7 people called me about them, yes, I am bragging.
Chicago turned to be a very good place for my career, it is cold here, but the job market here within my experties is just fantastic Read more >>>

Monday Oct, 29, 2012 0:0
Apr 6

Adding PHP+Wordpress on 1st Server

After few days of setting it up, I now have Microsoft SQL database along with MySQL database and PHP.
I needed also to install Wordpress, which I installed few hours ago.
I have these sites now on my own server:

These are the first three sites, in preparing to move in completely to host my own sites on my own server.

Friday Apr, 6, 2012 0:0
Mar 16

My VBA function lib online

I started these days uploading my own VBA function lib to my website.
You can find them by search for VBA function
These are the actual tools that I am using in my daily VBA programming in Excel (and sometimes in Classic ASP). Let me know if you have any question regarding any of those.

Friday Mar, 16, 2012 0:0
Mar 13

1st own Server

I did it, I have now my own server, that is online, expandable to multiple sites, fast, and linked to certain IP.
IT took me around two months (actually around 36 hours) of trial and error attempts to work around the limitation of my ISP along with some resources online. Read more >>>

Tuesday Mar, 13, 2012 0:0
Feb 17

Sometimes bad news are actually good (VB6 on Win8)

Windows 8 will suppurt VB6 (As this article 6 on 8? Will VB6 be supported on Windows 8? Yep (mostly)! says).
Sometimes the bad news here are actually good, it means we can still be alive for at least 7 years from now (up to 2019), even though the VB6 is kind of old, I guess Microsoft still stuck with it since most of VBA platforms are in VB6 and most of them are actually running entire organizations.

At least this is my openion.

Friday Feb, 17, 2012 0:0
Jan 25

Faster SQL

After few months of working in (also I notice that the home page is kind of slow.
So I give it a thought and decided to go a head and update my SQL commands in the home page only to be faster.
Basically what I did was combining all home page SQL commands into one (actually two) instead of the way it was executing (was executing around 15 SQL commands).
Read more >>>

Wednesday Jan, 25, 2012 0:0
Oct 29

Folder8 is online is now online, I have this idea for a while now, could finaly save few days to implement it.
Folder8 is my vision on how sharing should be, user can create folder (of three types of folders) with no registration.

Read more >>>

Saturday Oct, 29, 2011 0:0
Oct 1

Now we need to read Facebook feeds

After importing my old blog posts into the new one, I just turned into reading my Facebook posts, I did post there some posts and links that I want them to be on my site too. Read more >>>

Saturday Oct, 1, 2011 0:0
Jul 12

multiple tasks / projects again

It is that time again, I do love these days of multiple projects dues and work need to be done.

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Monday Jul, 12, 2010 0:0
Jul 9

Visual Studio 2010

This one sound promising!!

The previous one I tried (was Visual Studio 2005) was tough to jump into, since I needed to try the ASP.NET, It was hard to jump from Classic ASP into ASP.NET of VS2005.

Read more >>>

Friday Jul, 9, 2010 0:0
Jun 9

Need some rest

After some busy days and good/bad time management, I need some rest, It was a busy week, with lots of new projects (at least now I have 4 need to deliver next week).
I kind of like it, this projects traffic, but it looks like I do have some limit.

Read more >>>

Wednesday Jun, 9, 2010 0:0
Jun 7

Web development - structure diagram

This is a very good diagram that shows how the web developing and related design knowledges are structured.

Check it out, it is very helpful to understand it. Read more >>>

Monday Jun, 7, 2010 0:0
May 29

Documenting programming

Now that is another story, I already know that Programming is the easy part, documenting what the programmer does is completely another tough part.

It is again happend, I have to do the documenting for the ACuSys system, it is taking me a lot of time, and need to remember a lot of old stuff I did and why I did that.

However, the client is happy with it and might have some new chances in the future to do more like these.

Saturday May, 29, 2010 0:0
May 28

BlackBerry project

Just got my new BlackBerry 8530, I am really going to love this, it has a lot of features, except the Skype and MySQL applications.

It is a project we started, to do BB/web software for BlackBerry users, especially in the Arabic/Islamic fields in eMacros, based on the study that says, there are few applications of this kind in that market.

The project will last for 6 months and we will see where this will take us.

Friday May, 28, 2010 0:0
May 25

Customer Feedback

These are just few lines I got today in the email for the recent project work I was busy with. We had really rush time and low info to do what we done, however, we did it after few missing deadlines. See the full article for the customer feedback.

Read more >>>

Tuesday May, 25, 2010 0:0
May 12

New Captcha

It looks like sometimes the complicated solution (advanced one) will not be as effictive as the simple cheap one.

I was used to reCaptcha for a while now, even though i am facing some spam recently though that.

So I am changing to a simple one, after few searches, I got this one.

It is stupidely simple, let me see if it will work and prevent the spam or not.

Wednesday May, 12, 2010 0:0
Apr 20

Software cannot live without

Here is a list of software I can not live without:

  • Microsoft Excel, Purchase, Spreadsheet
  • Microsoft Outlook, Purchase
  • AVG Anti-Virus, Free
  • Avast Anti-Virus, Another free AntiVirus that will enjoy it on your desktop
  • TrueCrype, Free the best free encryption application out there
  • CONVAR Free Data Recovery, Recover your files for free
  • KeePass, free password list to save your list of passwords
  • nero, Purchase or comes free with some burners
  • NetNanny, Purchase, Family filter application that worth every penny.
  • Norton Ghost, Purchase, Image cloning, powerful, easy
  • MagicISO, Trial, ISO creator, editor, you can do 135 CD with no need of purchase.
  • 7Zip, Free, Easy Compressor that open every archive
  • Google Chrome, Free, wao, that is a quick browser
  • Mozilla FireFox, Free, Powerful browser
  • MySQL Query Browser, Free, MySQL Browser to do everything you need on your daily MySQL stuff
  • Filezilla, Free, FTP Client, I cannot believe it is free
  • PrimoPDF , Free, PDF Printer
  • Ant, Free web movies downloader, to download any movie shown on the webpage.
  • Gimp, Free, who needs PhotoShop?
  • Macromedia Captivate 2, Purchase, and not Adobe Captivate
  • Read more >>>

    Monday Apr, 20, 2009 0:0
    Mar 10

    Busy, busy, busy

    I like when I get busy, but I hate neglecting other projects as well, I am busy these days with some projects:

    Read more >>>

    Tuesday Mar, 10, 2009 0:0
    Feb 20

    I did that, why don't you believe me?

    It happend again

    Why people can not believe that I did my website on my own?

    From scratch, in ASP and MySQL using my background in VB with some help from online tips and forums

    Do I look like someone who can not do something like this?

    Read more >>>

    Friday Feb, 20, 2009 0:0