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Nov 13

What device do I get if I need to split an ethernet connection from an LAN line from the wall?

An ethernet cable comes out of the wall into a desktop, I need to share that port from the wall, what do I get if I want to split the ethernet connection to that desktop and my computer


Called router
There are a lot out there, wired, wireless or both wired and wireless at the same time
something like this…

usually the wired only are much cheaper…

Sunday 11/13/2011 9:55:16 PM
May 15

Cluess! I need help getting my barcode scanner Qw2500 to work.?

I have the QS2500 RS-232 scanner. It seems to be working, lighting up, beeping, but it is not working in excel, or inflow program. Help!!! thanks


Try it on another port
Try it on another computer
Try it on another OS
Reinstall its own software (from manufacturer website)

After doing all that, you can tell if the problem is in the scanner itself or in the software


Saturday 5/15/2010 1:00:58 AM
Jul 16

How do i connect my phone to my pc using bluetooth?

I have a nokia 6111[with bluetooth, which i activated] and i have downloaded the nokia pc suite, but when i try to connect the phone to my pc[compaq armada m 700] it doesn't work. It says something about drivers etc. , but it doesn't specifay what. What should i download? I mean exactly, and from where ? Please, somebody!!!


If you are sure that you have a bluetooth device on your armada, you need to download the driver for it, go to and download any bluetooth driver you found there on your computer section and run it, then, you should see "My bluetooth places" in My computer means that your driver is ok.
then, enable your bluetooth, by Fn plus a key in your computer, and here you go.

good luck

Sunday 7/16/2006 5:02:25 AM
Apr 23

Which motherboard is better- intel 915 or intel D101ggc?


Intel 915

Sunday 4/23/2006 8:08:14 PM
Apr 22

Dell Latitude D600 Laptop USB problem.?

Hello, I have Dell Latitude D600 laptop and have a problem with it.

USB devices aren't working propertly when charger is plugged in and rarely when it is unplugged. For example my USB mouse can move around 10-15 seconds, then stop for 2 or 3 sec and cursor continue moving. If I run Windows I hear sound notification that device is disconnected and sound notification that device is connected after 2-3 seconds again.

It is not looking like Windows problem, because I have same issue under Linux.

Thanks. Any advice appreciated.


Did you installed all device drivers?
If you didn't you should do that first, including BIOS update from Dell company site.
Second: does only the mouse making that problem? or is it any USB device? so you can tell if it is the mouse problem or not.
Third: Do you have any other USB devices connected to the computer at that time, there may be a conflict in the USB.
Forth: Try to use other USB port.
Fifth: Mark me as best answer if this helped you
Sixth: If all these couldn't help you I suggest reinstall Windows.
Seventh: If it is still the same, just put your computer below one of your cars tyres, I am sure this will help.


Saturday 4/22/2006 4:53:03 AM
Mar 31

I need a driver i81xnt5.sys?


When I Yahoo it I got these links, by the way what device is this for? If you put the manufacteror and the model I will lead you to the driver.

I had in throgh all these files, It seams to me a built-in VGA card, can you give me more info about hte main board I had alot of CDs of built-in VGA boards.

Friday 3/31/2006 11:27:13 AM