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2 Q & A posts tagged with explorer

Jul 17

My rogers goes through Internet explorer I do not want it to go that way I want the rogers browser?

Can you tell me how to change to the rogers browser?


go to Control Panel > Add or remove programs > Set program access and defaults
and change the Internet browser to what you want

note: you must have rogers browser installed before you do that


Monday 7/17/2006 3:53:30 PM
Apr 22

Why internet explorer not functioning as good as before? always making errors on page and then it hangs me up?

for instance, after i install the yahoo messenger the problem of hanging began..just simply hanging. So did the IE, it annoys me coz the time when im in a hurry for a topic then it was also when the explorer hangs this be settled?


1- Clear history ans cookies.
2- Delete temporary internet files
3- restart computer
4- mark me as best answer

Saturday 4/22/2006 4:44:19 AM