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Jan 21

How do I merge seperate folders into a new one in excel?

each folder has a part # , descrptn , Qty , Unit price , total
fldr 1 bin 1 = 101.00
bin 2 =23.21
bin 3 = 31.01
fldr 2 bin 1 = 21.03
bin 2 = 333.31
bin 3 = 21.13
fldr 3 bin 1 = 31.69
bin 2 = 61.23
bin 3 = 19.61
bin 4 = 21.33
what is the best way if possible to put the three into one with a grand total? Trying to track inventory Thanks for any ideas


Do a forth table (or folder) and put bin 1, 2, 3 and 4
then use the SUMIF function to achieve the total of bin 1 from the other three tables (folders)
Paste this in B2 in Sheet2
=SUMIF( Sheet1!A:A, A2, Sheet1!B:B)
Assuming your first table (folder) is in sheet1 having the bin text in column A and the total in column B
Also you have Bin 1 in Sheet2 A2

do the same for the other 3 tables (folders)

VBAXLMan is back

Wednesday 1/21/2009 3:24:58 AM
Jun 11

The 'folder options' are gone from tools menu! any help to return this?

not only 'folder options' were missing but about 4 other choices under tools menu are missing after my laptop was infected by a virus.. i succesfully removed all viruses but the missing options are still gone.. i tried opening it from control panel but it was missing there too.. i tried 'view>costumize then add the folder options.. the icon appeared but nothing happens when i click it.. i cant open my hidden files anymore!!


I sow this happened several times to computers with viruses, I think you need to reinstall windows over the old one.

About hidden files, you still can open it using the program you created it with. just type the name in the dialog and you go.

Hidden folders still can be viewed if you type in the name to the right of the address bar after "\"


Sunday 6/11/2006 6:10:28 AM