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Nov 13

How come when I post a comment on Youtube and then google it it appears on a bunch of different sites?


Because Google bought YouTube few years ago and merge it with its search results
Also because some websites have RSS readers to include new data from famous websites to drive visitors to them.

Does that make sense?

Sunday 11/13/2011 5:33:33 PM
Jan 19

I want column to change by not the row in excel or google doc?

My formula looks like this

='Activity sheet'!C$1
='Activity sheet'!C$1
='Activity sheet'!C$1

I want it to be

='Activity sheet'!C$1
='Activity sheet'!D$1
='Activity sheet'!E$1
='Activity sheet'!F$1


Help will be more appreciated.


Sure, do it like this

Now this will depend on where you are putting it:
So Assuming you want to put this in cell A1 and down, then paste this

=OFFSET( $C$1, 0, ROW()-1)

And fill it down

Yes, I know, I am the VBAXLMan here

Monday 1/19/2009 6:41:27 AM
Dec 18

I have added new users to Windows XP. In each of these new accounts the Firefox addons have disappeared.?

Recently I have added new user accounts to Windows XP. Since then I have been experiencing numerous problems regarding the use of Mozilla Firefox. All bookmarks, add-ons and customizations have disappeared completely. I've solved the bookmarks problem by importing my old bookmarks list into my new account. In addition customizing Firefox to back my likings was a breeze. However the problem of the missing add-ons remains. I've painstakingly been searching Google for the missing add-ons are re-downloading them one by one.

This brings me to my question. Is there a way to copy Firefox add-ons from one XP account to another? Can I somehow copy add-on files from their location in one users account to another? If such a feat were possible it would save immense quantity of time and reduce my download usage. Help is much appreciated.


Who said copying addons files will copy the addons itself.
If you are sure of that, you can do this:
1- Open the Documents and settings, you will see a folder for each of the users
2- Open the main user (The one that was active when you installed the addons), then go to Application Data folder
3- search in there for the firefox addons files (It should be there in the folder named "firefox" or something like that)
4- If you found nothing there, try the folder "Local Settings" then "Application Data"
5- Copy it into the exact place in all of the users folders
6- restart computer and try again

I still can not think that copying these files will enable them into firefox, any way, you can try


Monday 12/18/2006 10:56:14 PM