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Oct 2

Send me a gift

Now you may send me a gift, I just started a project that I need some fund to do it, if you would like to send me a gift, please use the link below.

It is a BestBuy card, and I would love if you can contribute to it toward my project.

Thanks in advance

Tuesday Oct, 2, 2012 0:0
Apr 6

Adding PHP+Wordpress on 1st Server

After few days of setting it up, I now have Microsoft SQL database along with MySQL database and PHP.
I needed also to install Wordpress, which I installed few hours ago.
I have these sites now on my own server:

These are the first three sites, in preparing to move in completely to host my own sites on my own server.

Friday Apr, 6, 2012 0:0
Apr 2

1st Own Server database

After few hours of digging and playing, I managed to run the SQL server 2008 on my 1st Server.
Now I am ready to go, Online server with SQL database that support Arabic and ready to go.
I might just tweak the speed a little bit. Go on ANmar, the road is plain in front of you

Monday Apr, 2, 2012 0:0
Mar 13

1st own Server

I did it, I have now my own server, that is online, expandable to multiple sites, fast, and linked to certain IP.
IT took me around two months (actually around 36 hours) of trial and error attempts to work around the limitation of my ISP along with some resources online. Read more >>>

Tuesday Mar, 13, 2012 0:0
Jul 6

New mouse every month

I had already got that few years ago

Changing mouse has much more fun than stick with only one.

Years ago I was preferring to stay with one mouse, so when I like one and getting used to it, I go and buy more of it, to have backup when one is broking.

Read more >>>

Tuesday Jul, 6, 2010 0:0
Jun 26

Got my new pride

I used to call them my prides, and my wife wouldn't mind

I just got my Toshiba X500-Q895S with its 1GB of display memory, 1TB of hard drive, i7-740Q cpu and 6GB RAM.

The most interesting part is the display, it is 18.4" wide, waw, I love this pride.

Spent the last two days installing my stuff and discovering it, I am going to love this and will not go back to that tiny 17" display laptops.

Saturday Jun, 26, 2010 0:0
Jun 21

My new toy

My new toy

Just bough this one with $2,058, it is great, and exactly the size I am looking for (I was searching for bigger on, but no luck). anyway, I will start enjoying it in few days.

Monday Jun, 21, 2010 0:0