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Dec 16

LEGO Digital Designer again

That is it, LDD v4.3 is my game, I am going to addict it, it has almost all the pieces now, most of the colors, it even has pieces from old sets, and it is faster and works fine under Win7.
LEGO Digital Designer v4.3, if you are a lego fan, you will enjoy this.
Get the app also from my Rec'd apps page

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Sunday Dec, 16, 2012 0:0
Oct 6

My new name: Moheddin VS Addeen VS Amdeen

I am going to change my name, it is a chance I am having now after 5 years of living in the states.

We were thinking of this a lot, a lot of new names came into surface, and everytime I search for the domain before I go with it.

Since was not available, niether, I thought would be good for us, until today my father called me to suggest ... Read more >>>

Saturday Oct, 6, 2012 0:0
Aug 31

4th daughter

Around 1PM, my 4th daughter (Adyan) was born in St. Alexius Medical Center, Hoffman Estates, IL, almost 9 pounds.
And life is not going to be the same, the name (Adyan) that I chose is very nice, simple and refere to the meaning of what I believe, it means (Religions). Read more >>>

Friday Aug, 31, 2012 0:0
Aug 20

Long time no see

It has been almost two months since my site stop functionning correctly
Here are the details
I landed on new job position in Chicago, IL on May 9th, that have to take a trip to IL by May 6th.
That will result in me trying to keep both positions (EA and this new one), so after cehcking it looks like I can do that. Read more >>>

Monday Aug, 20, 2012 0:0
May 2

Austin fastest growing in US

Austin is the fastest growing city in US in 2011

After being the best city in US for tech jobs, it is now the fastest growing city in US.
It is going to be hard to relocate to another city.

Wednesday May, 2, 2012 0:0
Nov 7

Add event to Google Calendar with an email message

It has been a while since I start using Google Calendar (Since I got my Android phone), after few months of successful update and syncing between Google calendar and Outlook, I needed a quick way to add events to my Google calendar (Once added to Google, an app will sync it with my Outlook calendar).

This one will do that, an email address made specific for your calendar to add events to it. Read more >>>

Monday Nov, 7, 2011 0:0
Aug 1

Regular workday screehshot

As you can see, I was working with I3 and EA at that time, doing remote desktop using Remote Desktop Connection or TeamViewer was what made me able to do these two positions at the same time.

Monday Aug, 1, 2011 0:0
Sep 26

Moving ... updating

After few days of settling down, I can declare that I have moved to my first house here in Austin TX, it is kind of small but has enough space to fit us all. Read more >>>

Sunday Sep, 26, 2010 0:0
Aug 13

Ramadan, August in Austin

It is going to be tough, this Ramadan has arrived in August.

And we all know August in Austin, and how this will be tough, no water, no food from around 5AM to 8PM.

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Friday Aug, 13, 2010 0:0
Jul 3

New place, new walls

We found it, it was in a good location, same Middle and High schools, and good Elementary school, so only one person need to change her school.

It had 4 bedrooms plus a study, close family environment, and isolated kitchen.

So without any hesitation we made the offer, and hope we got it, Inshaa' Allaah.

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Saturday Jul, 3, 2010 0:0
May 23

Another car to fix

Here we are again, I need to spend around $1,000 on my wife's car to do the A/C.

I kind of expected that, but not this soon. I need to replace the compressor, hoses and some other stuff. It is kind of everything.

Now my wife is driving in this summer without A/C.

Sunday May, 23, 2010 0:0
May 22

Installing Windows Home Server

It was kind of slow, but it did installed on my P4 computer.

It has only 504MB of RAM, and installed and running kind of smooth.

I was also successful in sharing hard drives/Printers along with adding new hard drives to the server.

However, I wanted to do the Remote Sharing, but it is not working, I might need to replace the router to do that, let me see.

Saturday May, 22, 2010 0:0
Oct 8

The big move to Austin

Austin Business Journal had an article about my family coming here in Austin Here is the link
These were really exciting days, I finally reached my new Home (I used to say "I lost my home and found it")

Anyways These days are fill with hope and waiting, I can not wait to start my life here and let my kids to adjust and start doing their school


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Monday Oct, 8, 2007 0:0