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Feb 9

Sites transfers and moves

Spent few hours (when was trying to fix one of my clients email issues) into moving most of my sites to my own server.
This was prepared for few weeks now, in addition to my client sites, I also moved,,, Most of them were linked to this site.
The new challange now is to host email server on my own and start providing email services.

Saturday Feb, 9, 2013 0:0
Mar 13

1st own Server

I did it, I have now my own server, that is online, expandable to multiple sites, fast, and linked to certain IP.
IT took me around two months (actually around 36 hours) of trial and error attempts to work around the limitation of my ISP along with some resources online. Read more >>>

Tuesday Mar, 13, 2012 0:0
Jan 9

NirSoft a new set of helpful small utilities

I just love these tiny applications, I always loved them, they are so powerful and in the same time small and quick.
They are focusing on one thing and they do it very well. Today, I found one of these websites made by a developer to list all his applications (small utilities), his name is Nir Sofer and he was online for a while now, good job and I will keep an eye on you Nir. Read more >>>

Monday Jan, 9, 2012 0:0
Dec 21

Google Calendar in Windows 7 Gadgets

Finally, got the Windows 7 gadget that reads my Google calendar. whoo, that was tough

Sounds very easy to find one, but since Windows Gadget service has been shutdown and only few gadgets are online within Microsoft website, I needed to search for a while.
Find the app within the Auther site, or here in Lib - ANmars Recommended Apps (ARA)

Finally found it, thanks to Eelke Spaak

Wednesday Dec, 21, 2011 0:0
Oct 24

DX-Ball game

I had this game since 2001, one of my clients in File1 gave it to me, He said that you will love it, at that time I was kind of away from games and consider them a waste of time (I still feel that sometimes) however I became easily addicted to it, not only me, other friends and customers were easily addicted to it.

It needs no setup at all, just unzip and play
Download it from here
Read more >>>

Monday Oct, 24, 2011 0:0
Oct 30

Free File Sync

After few searches, I got it, it is kind of have-it-all software with easy UI.

It is called FreeFileSync, HomePage

Read more >>>

Saturday Oct, 30, 2010 0:0
Aug 8

Another great application

Now this is another one, TreePad Lite

It looks like I am going to buy the full version, it has a lot of features

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Sunday Aug, 8, 2010 0:0
Aug 5

Finally find it - LaunchBar Commander

It has been a while since I last explored and application, and when I do, I find the best one I was looking for.

It is LaunchBar Commander from

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Thursday Aug, 5, 2010 0:0
Jul 15

Even my bugs are new

I am facing an issue now

Even the bugs I am facing are new too.

After I have installed VS2010, My Excel2007 started to crash several times in one hour, this started to be flustrating, I need to see if VS2010 is the issue and solve it.

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Thursday Jul, 15, 2010 0:0
Jul 9

Visual Studio 2010

This one sound promising!!

The previous one I tried (was Visual Studio 2005) was tough to jump into, since I needed to try the ASP.NET, It was hard to jump from Classic ASP into ASP.NET of VS2005.

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Friday Jul, 9, 2010 0:0
Jun 26

New Clipboard software

This one sound promising, it has up to 25 slots for the clipboard plus easy to paste method.

It worth a try

Saturday Jun, 26, 2010 0:0
May 22

Installing Windows Home Server

It was kind of slow, but it did installed on my P4 computer.

It has only 504MB of RAM, and installed and running kind of smooth.

I was also successful in sharing hard drives/Printers along with adding new hard drives to the server.

However, I wanted to do the Remote Sharing, but it is not working, I might need to replace the router to do that, let me see.

Saturday May, 22, 2010 0:0
Apr 4

IT experience

I dont know what is happening? It looks like the years are marking up into my experience. After few tries, still cant get this computer to work. Windows 7 is harder than I thought regarding IT and changing hard drives Read more >>>

Sunday Apr, 4, 2010 0:0
Apr 20

Software cannot live without

Here is a list of software I can not live without:

  • Microsoft Excel, Purchase, Spreadsheet
  • Microsoft Outlook, Purchase
  • AVG Anti-Virus, Free
  • Avast Anti-Virus, Another free AntiVirus that will enjoy it on your desktop
  • TrueCrype, Free the best free encryption application out there
  • CONVAR Free Data Recovery, Recover your files for free
  • KeePass, free password list to save your list of passwords
  • nero, Purchase or comes free with some burners
  • NetNanny, Purchase, Family filter application that worth every penny.
  • Norton Ghost, Purchase, Image cloning, powerful, easy
  • MagicISO, Trial, ISO creator, editor, you can do 135 CD with no need of purchase.
  • 7Zip, Free, Easy Compressor that open every archive
  • Google Chrome, Free, wao, that is a quick browser
  • Mozilla FireFox, Free, Powerful browser
  • MySQL Query Browser, Free, MySQL Browser to do everything you need on your daily MySQL stuff
  • Filezilla, Free, FTP Client, I cannot believe it is free
  • PrimoPDF , Free, PDF Printer
  • Ant, Free web movies downloader, to download any movie shown on the webpage.
  • Gimp, Free, who needs PhotoShop?
  • Macromedia Captivate 2, Purchase, and not Adobe Captivate
  • Read more >>>

    Monday Apr, 20, 2009 0:0
    Feb 20

    TrueCrypt, encryption application

    The best encryption software I have found during my 12 years with computer (Since 1997)

    I spent sometime (around 4 years) with safe house application called SafeDisk, it was great, enables you to create logical encrypted disks.

    < Read more >>>

    Friday Feb, 20, 2009 0:0
    Nov 14

    Installing XP on VISTA-Only Computers

    I am now taking the challenge to install XP on computers already with VISTA.
    This is really a challenge since you need to disable the SATA setting in the BIOS, and the name of the setting is not the same in every PC.
    Sometimes they call it Enable SATA compatible.
    Also you will need to get the drivers ready for all devices, and after that, you will have to try more than one for every device since the first time is always wrong.
    You may need to look for the device drivers for another machines that are compatible with your device, something like searching HP laptop drivers for the modem that your DELL is using.

    Sometimes also the drivers for VISTA can run in XP (If you did not use the exe file and install the driver from the Control Panel instead

    Friday Nov, 14, 2008 0:0