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May 13

What is the formula in Excel for a check box when clicked gives time and date in another cell?

I apologize if I am not explaining myself right.

I am working on a spreadsheet for tracking the work that's been done. I would like to use check boxes in a column and on another column for the current date and time when the box in a cell is selected. What is the formula and do you have an example to help me out, please?

For example the check box are in column V and I want the current time to be in the W column.

Thank you so much for helping!!!!


I can see what you are trying to do
The problem is that you can not (easily) do multiple checkboxes in a column and connect them to corresponding cells

I recommend you use the below shortcut keys:
CTRL + ;
To insert current date as constant
CTRL + Shift + ;
To insert current time in the selected cell as constant

This way, you will not have an updated version of Date or Time, means once you insert them ,they will not change.


Thursday 5/13/2010 8:59:04 PM