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21 Blog posts tagged with kids

Apr 5

One of my childhood dreams imagination feeder

This cartoon was one of my childhood dreams feeder, it fed my imagination a lot and made me think the way I am thinking now, really enjoyed it.

Friday Apr, 5, 2013 0:0
Jan 5

LEGOs in Cubiculus

Another website I found regarding LEGO, it is called - LEGO® building instruction
It already have bulding instructions for tons of sets with some custom, I am planning to add to it soon. Read more >>>

Saturday Jan, 5, 2013 0:0
Aug 31

4th daughter

Around 1PM, my 4th daughter (Adyan) was born in St. Alexius Medical Center, Hoffman Estates, IL, almost 9 pounds.
And life is not going to be the same, the name (Adyan) that I chose is very nice, simple and refere to the meaning of what I believe, it means (Religions). Read more >>>

Friday Aug, 31, 2012 0:0
Feb 21

AVID class 2011 Murchison Middle School

2011 AVID Video Contest: Murchison Middle School from David Scott Faris on Vimeo.

Ms. Wilson's 8th grade students explain the structure and importance of the Murchison Middle School AVID curriculum.

Read more >>>

Tuesday Feb, 21, 2012 0:0
Jan 28

Afnan's school - No Place for Hate

Afnan's school is on TV with Afnan's class

Saturday Jan, 28, 2012 0:0
Nov 11

You can only like this art

Being a father of a fashion addict girl, I could not resist the urge to like this picture, liked the concept, the idea of merging a girl addict thing to a guy addict thing into one piece of art.

Friday Nov, 11, 2011 0:0
Oct 25

Goodbye Boogi and Tomtom

One of pictures we got for them together

Now Tomtom just died few days ago and we have to let Boogi go. We really enjoied you guys and hope that you don't hate us very much Read more >>>

Tuesday Oct, 25, 2011 0:0
Feb 27

Afnan's YouTuube channel

After few days of talking, Afnan now has her own YouTube channel, I told her I hope this will live long

Read more >>>

Sunday Feb, 27, 2011 0:0
Jan 19

Murchison Middle School concert Video

Amina, my oldest daughter is in this concert, they are all really doing well, and we enjoyed that concert

Wednesday Jan, 19, 2011 0:0
Jul 11

My Family interviews

We just started a family interview, it is when we ask everybody what does he/she think about another member of the family.
The beautiful part is that each one sees the others with what he thinks they are

What does X think of Y?

X - Y: item1, item2, etc

Afnan - Afnan: hyper, weird, doesn't fancy computers.
Shukran - Afnan: book addicted, over reacts, sometimes nice, giving.
Amina - Afnan: Fast temper, want to rule the world, very dedicated.
Hawraa - Afnan: Crazy, angry, cannot control herself, helpful, love to learn, giving.

Read more >>>

Sunday Jul, 11, 2010 0:0
Jun 30

Shukran' s blog

Shukran is now has her own blog, it is here Shukran's Shake and it took me longer than I planned due to some changes in the template.

Anyhow, I am learning new stuff doing all these blogs, and will be doing more soon.

Wednesday Jun, 30, 2010 0:0
Jun 23

A minute that worth millions

This morning, the books I bought for my youngest have arrived.

It is a set of 7 books for Harry Potter and it was for her birthday yesterday.

Now the look in her eyes when I woke her up and show her the set was the most joyful minute in my life, seeing her happy with this set of books and couldn't believe that she got it finally is indeed a minute that worth millions.

Can you see the happy Dad here?

Wednesday Jun, 23, 2010 0:0
Jun 22


QFT is for Quality Family Time and FQT is for Family Quality time, that what we (me and my kids) used to refer to when we want to have a chat, four of us sitting and taking about several things, ideas, stories and of course tips and interesting remarks about us as Muslims living in this beautiful country.

Tuesday Jun, 22, 2010 0:0
Jun 22

Afnan's birthday and Takleef

We decided to do Afnan' birthday today June 22nd since we had two doctor's appointments yesterday, she was born in June 21st 2001 in Iraq. Now since this is her 9th birthday, we will need to do the Takleef party too.

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Tuesday Jun, 22, 2010 0:0
Jun 20

Now is Shukran's turn

Searching for a blog for my middle lovely daughter Shukran

She has really good attitude and really may be the one that will involve into online stuff the most.


Let's hope that

Sunday Jun, 20, 2010 0:0
Jun 4

3 great daughters

One of my daughters wants a magic wand as birthday gift, she is so into Harry Potter that when I try to speak with her while she is reading, she just point at me with her index finger and without moving her eyes away from the book, saying, "just a min, dad"

The other one want to invest some cash in Microsoft, Apple and Coke stock market, she is actually has some virtual account, that is a trial version showing her how to invest.

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Friday Jun, 4, 2010 0:0
May 27

Amina' s First honor role

Now is Amina. she got a First Honor Role with IB certificate. I didn't have the time to go, my wife did and got some pictures.
That was in the morning, in Eavning, we did go to the concert for all grades in Murchison Middle school, also got some pix.

Will try to post these soon.

Thursday May, 27, 2010 0:0
May 26

Shukran' s Honor Certificate

Shukran, my middle daughter, just got a certificate as "Second Honor Role" few hours ago.

Ok, she got the certificate because she worked hard to get good grades, why I feel like I am the one who got it?
It is kind of parent proud moment, seeing that my daughter is getting honorred due to the atmospher we worked hard to make it for her, and the time and resources we spent to make her successful in her life.

Shukran was not doing well in class on 4th grade, also on 5th, she sufferred a bit because of her English, now she got that honor role,
It does mean a lot, to her as well as to me.

Wednesday May, 26, 2010 0:0
May 17

Another daughter blog

Now my eldest has her own blog, using the same old skin

AMI's 964

Which using the same engine I talked about earlier.

Monday May, 17, 2010 0:0
May 15

New Afnan' s website

Yesterday, my youngest daughter asked to have her own blog.

I said, yes sure

After we searched for a free CSS templates, we found one and I spent the next 4 hours working with it.

Now, she got one, much easier to deal with, much elegant. (Thanks to my growing experience)

Check out her blog here:

Saturday May, 15, 2010 0:0
Feb 18

Amina's 1st certificate

My eldest daughter, Amina got today her "Student of the Month" certificate from her school Murchison Middle school

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Wednesday Feb, 18, 2009 0:0