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11 Blog posts tagged with music

Feb 12

What a shock, Whitney !!

It is quite a shock, Whitney Houston has died today.

We will always love you

Sunday Feb, 12, 2012 0:0
Apr 21

So Music capital of the world is also #1 in USA for tech jobs

You should see my smile when I red this this morning, going through the list of top 25 cities for tech jobs, passing Washington DC, Devner, Portland, NY and San Francisco, which I was pretty sure that it will be #1, no, passing all those and landed into Austin, TX Read more >>>

Thursday Apr, 21, 2011 0:0
Mar 29


A lot of memories come back when listionning to this

I remembered when I used to drive half of town to get cassettes of classic music to listen to in my car

Now, I can easily listen to them on Youtube playlists !!

Tuesday Mar, 29, 2011 0:0
Jan 19

Murchison Middle School concert Video

Amina, my oldest daughter is in this concert, they are all really doing well, and we enjoyed that concert

Wednesday Jan, 19, 2011 0:0
May 26

Full Quran, Audio, Al-Sedeisi

I had it since 1999, it is very beautifully red, the Full Quran with both readers (Al-Sedeisi and Al-Shreim) during Ramadhan prayer.

Since then I didn't stop listening to it, the pace is fast, the sound is clear, the way they both read it, is beautiful.
I was thinking today, how will I live without it?
I hope not.

Here is the link to download the entire MP3 folder (it has 113 mp3 files with 356,340 KB)

Wednesday May, 26, 2010 0:0
May 4

I love Enigma

I just love to hear ENIGMA, since the first one I listen to it, it was on late 90s and called "Return to Innocence"

Now the new great one is "The Same Parents", wow I just love to listen to it again and again and again

Tuesday May, 4, 2010 0:0
May 3

Who stole this cock - Iraqi vintage song

Old Iraqi famous song
We used to sing it almost at every party

Monday May, 3, 2010 0:0
Apr 19

Sami Yusuf and his best song

I love Sami Yusuf, He just keeps amaizing me with his performance time after time, this one is the most recent one that I keep listen to it everyday for about 10 times at least

Sunday Apr, 19, 2009 0:0
Apr 19

I have a dream

The best one who did this song

Sunday Apr, 19, 2009 0:0
Mar 19

Swedish (Mandal Dallooni), old Iraqi song by Swedish singer

Here is the weird thing, when a Swedish singer performs the song that made me feel I am listening to a western song in an Iraqi words, Waoo, you've got to see this and enjoy it
Read more >>>

Thursday Mar, 19, 2009 0:0
Apr 4

Papa - Paul Anka

During my effort to get some of the old songs I used to listen to (and had no clue what they named, or who sang them) I found one of them.

And when I red this one's lyrics, my tears just refuses to stay there, and started to jump out.

Oh boy, that was touchy

Friday Apr, 4, 2008 0:0