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Nov 13

How to scan a passport size photo?

I use an HP printer/scanner and want to scan a passport size photo 600(width)X450(height) but when i scan the picture it doesn't come passport size what to do.


Sizes in digital world (on screen) are not measured with regular units
we have pixels instead of inches
meaning, you can scan in any size then adjust that size in any printer app (like word) to make it ready to print in the size you want.

Sunday 11/13/2011 2:18:35 PM
Mar 31

My photoshop 7 is freezing on it's start up. It says searching for plug in's picture package.. Help me get in.

It seems to be seaching for an unavailable plug in and freezing. I uninstalled and reinsatalled it. I can't get it open. It was working fine. Any ideas how to by pass seaching for that plug in. Thanks


Check if there are plug-ins in the CD that hold the application, check in the readme file if you need to install plug ins before installing Photoshop.

And make sure you have a geniune copy of it.

Friday 3/31/2006 9:34:57 PM