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Feb 6

Copy pictures from sheet to another

i have two workbooks, lets say, workbook A and Library Workbook
Workbook A is where all the code has been going, Library has no code in it. My project in Workbook A needs to look up and pull a worksheet out of Library Workbook - just a direct copy. Simple enough in general, only one problem. Most of the sheets in Library Workbook have images embedded in them that dont get copied when doing a direct Workbooks(Library)Cells.Copy
i can get all of the formatting, column widths, and values/formulas, but not the images
now, there is one thing i havent tried that I think will work, but it has drawbacks...i could copy the entire sheet, not just the cells, but the sheet itself and put it in Workbook A. I think that this would work in theory, but Im reluctant to try it for one reason
I have embedded sheet code in Workbook A in the sheet that I want to be the destination for the copied library contents. The sheet code is event-based, and Id like it to stay in the code. So I was trying to paste the library contents into this sheet to retain the sheet code, where if I paste the entire sheet directly from the library, I dont get to keep the sheet code, because the library, by definition, is supposed to be (vba free)

so...Ive been chasing two different possible solutions, neither one with much luck yet.
(1) Learn how to copy cells from a worksheet with the images included
i know you can use vba to copy images, but the sheets have varying numbers of images, so theres no good way to programatically handle all sheets
shapes(1).copy, ...
might be more than one image


you still can use shapes.count and start a loop, did you tried that?
however, there might be a downside, when you copy and paste, they will all be over each other, but you can override it by using:
Sheet1.shapes(x).left = Sheet2.shapes(x).left
sheet1.shapes(x).top = sheet2.shapes(x).top
assuming copying shape from Sheet2 to Sheet1
does that make sense?

Monday 2/6/2012
Jan 21

Microsoft Paint - custom sizing printing?

i have created some pictures on paint that i want to print at custom sizes (they are cd covers: back and front) i desperately need to know if this is possible. many thanks,


Try these in sequence:
1- Use Word, to insert that picture and print using sizes by right click on the picture > Properties
2- Print it using "Picture Viewer", if you are using XP
3- If you don't have word, use WordPad


Wednesday 1/21/2009 9:32:08 AM
Jan 17

I want to fix a pic in MS Excel 2007 cell and to use in an another sheet with Vlook up formula?

For each cell of employee I want to fix a pic and to use in forms with Vlookup formula


Excel functions are working with text and numbers
You can not do this with functions, instead you will need macros to do that

I would suggest to do a folder with employee pictures named with employee ids
Then insert a picturebox in that Excel file and do some macros to make it read the selected employee picture.

Something like this:
Sub ReadPic()
EmployeeID =Range("A1").value
PictureBox1.picture=LoadPicture( "D:\Pix\" & EmployeeID & ".jpg")
End Sub

This will read the picture in the picturebox assuming cell A1 had the employee id

I will be glad to help if you just send me the file you are talking about and more details to build the macro for you


Saturday 1/17/2009 10:34:54 AM
Jan 16

Excel - is it possible to save a picture seperately from an excel spreadsheet - if so, how?


The only way to do so is:
1- Copy that picture
2- Open MS Paint, (Or any other photo editing app)
3- Paste it there
4- Save the file from Paint

I tried several ways before to do that automatically, but no luck

VBAXLMan is back

Friday 1/16/2009 3:30:31 PM
Jan 18

Microsoft Excel: How to show picture if conditions met?

Hi there,

Is it possible to use some kind of formula to show a picture (which is located on another sheet) if specific conditions are met?
For example: I would like to show a green sign if a value is higher than 100 and a red sign if a value is below 100.




If Conditional Formatting is not enough for you, (It can color the cell based on condition)
Then, it is a VBA
You will need to create a picture image from
Tools > Customize > Control toolbox
and add some macro to load an image based on a cell value

I will be glad to help, if you mail me here in Y! Answers

Enjoy my profile, I am the VBAXLMan

Thursday 1/18/2007 11:01:39 AM
Jan 8

How can I??.....?

I'm creating a calendar on excel would it be possible to add a background picture to the calendar? do i do it step by step? can anyone please help me??


You can
1- Put the picture as in (Format > Sheet > Background) and then remove the gridlines from (Tools > Options > Show gridlines)
2- Make the calendar itself as a picture using the camera option in Excel. (You will need to mail me for this help file, I can't attach files here)

In all of these ways, you can use my calendar that I would be proud to give freely, it works for all years all months

take it from the free applications section here

Enjoy my profile, I am the VBAXLMan

Monday 1/8/2007 12:55:55 AM
Apr 23

Retrieve deleted pictures on compact flash CARD?


I have been in this problem with a guy here in Yahoo Answers, he could retrieve his 80GB hard disk (Check my best answers).
I don't think there is a differances in CF memory, any way e-mail me your address and mark me as best answer to go through the steps AGAIN.

Again, I am not quite sure if this will bring them back.


Sunday 4/23/2006 1:38:54 PM