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Nov 13

How do you order a recovery disc for a Altec laptop for windows 7?

anyone know the phone number and how much should expect to pay for this?

also, if can actually get a Windows 7 installation disc..what is the difference? (Btw, this Windows Installation disc is for 1 computer only..but can it be used again and again like a recover disc?)



Recovery disc is a Windows disc made especially for that particular PC
years ago, people used to be able to do a recovery disc on machines that not came for, but not anymore.
In another word, recovery disc is a special version of that OS with all additional drivers and software.

Here is the answer to your question:
Some companies lately have the option to save your recovery disc on your hard drive instead, and have a special software that enables user to create those recovery disc(s) for you. If you have that you can create recovery discs for free. Search something called "Recovery" on your start menu.

While Operation disc, or so called OS disc, is the OEM version of the system that should be installed on only one machine (unless they authorize you to do more)
IT IS ILLEGAL TO INSTALL ONE OPERATION DISC ON MORE THAN ONE MACHINE if it was not made for that (Some Windows7 versions allows you to install on 3 machines like Windows7 family pack)

Otherwise, it is illegal.

Let me know if that makes sense

Sunday 11/13/2011 3:23:36 AM
Dec 3

I have an excel file and I have forgotten the password. Is there a way to recover the password.?

I have checked the crack softwares on the internet. I am not ready to pay $40 for just 1 file. But this file contains some important tax info and I need to make some changes urgently. Is there any way I get recover the password.


I have one and ready to share it
I just want to ask, which password you are talking about
Excel do have at least three password levels

mail me here for it

Enjoy my profile, I am the VBAXLMan

Sunday 12/3/2006 11:05:59 PM
Apr 23

How do i recover files off of a harddrive when you try to open the folder and it says access denied?


You don't have the privileges to open this folder, you may have a guest user account.

You need to log in as administrator to open this folder

e-mail me your exact problem and mail address to solve this out.

Sunday 4/23/2006 7:44:38 PM