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Nov 13

How to scan a passport size photo?

I use an HP printer/scanner and want to scan a passport size photo 600(width)X450(height) but when i scan the picture it doesn't come passport size what to do.


Sizes in digital world (on screen) are not measured with regular units
we have pixels instead of inches
meaning, you can scan in any size then adjust that size in any printer app (like word) to make it ready to print in the size you want.

Sunday 11/13/2011 2:18:35 PM
May 15

Cluess! I need help getting my barcode scanner Qw2500 to work.?

I have the QS2500 RS-232 scanner. It seems to be working, lighting up, beeping, but it is not working in excel, or inflow program. Help!!! thanks


Try it on another port
Try it on another computer
Try it on another OS
Reinstall its own software (from manufacturer website)

After doing all that, you can tell if the problem is in the scanner itself or in the software


Saturday 5/15/2010 1:00:58 AM
Mar 28

Epson stylus cx4600 installation?

ok we had some probs with our comp and a virus wiped us out, i have lost the installation cd for my printer, is there a site i can go to, to download a driver for this specific printer/scanner? well actually the printer works just the scanner doesnt? i need a site to go to for the scanner... thanks!


Did you tried, don't tell me you didn't.
Ok If you already did and searched for this printer/scanner in the database. I think you still can search for it on one of the drivers' sites (like, Actually this is one of the biggest I have seen in Drivers database.

Good Luck

Tuesday 3/28/2006 5:34:14 PM