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Apr 23

[Excel/VBA] How to prevent excel to scroll up after typing ?


Each time I enter something at the bottom of a sheet, excel scrolls up the page (half of window height).
Is there a way to prevent (or reduce) this ?

Or some VBA to place a given row (last one) at the bottom of the window ?

Thanks in advance


First part of your question, no is the answer

For the second part, yes there is, it will depend on the Zoom percentage you are having and the height of your Excel screen

Try doing a macro to...
1- Scroll to the end of the end of your table (last row on your table)
2- Scroll back up to 10/20/30 rows
3- Activate any cell in the last row of your table

Something like this

Sub ShowLast()
CC=Worksheetfunction.Counta( Range("A:A"))
Range("A1").Offset( CC).Activate
Range("A1").Offset( CC).Activate
End Sub

You need to try it and change the 20 to what ever suitable for you

Good luck


Thursday 4/23/2009 11:24:16 PM
Apr 23

Excel line between rows 264 and 265?

If you scroll in your all the way down in excel you will see a black line between does two rows. Is there any point to it?


That usually because you had data before (or Format cells) up to these rows and deleter them using Clear and not delete

To get rid of that, you should "DELETE" the rows (Right click and select "Delete")

This will also reduce the size of your file

If you have any problems or didn't understand the answer, mail me here


Thursday 4/23/2009 3:32:19 PM