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Feb 6

Copy pictures from sheet to another

i have two workbooks, lets say, workbook A and Library Workbook
Workbook A is where all the code has been going, Library has no code in it. My project in Workbook A needs to look up and pull a worksheet out of Library Workbook - just a direct copy. Simple enough in general, only one problem. Most of the sheets in Library Workbook have images embedded in them that dont get copied when doing a direct Workbooks(Library)Cells.Copy
i can get all of the formatting, column widths, and values/formulas, but not the images
now, there is one thing i havent tried that I think will work, but it has drawbacks...i could copy the entire sheet, not just the cells, but the sheet itself and put it in Workbook A. I think that this would work in theory, but Im reluctant to try it for one reason
I have embedded sheet code in Workbook A in the sheet that I want to be the destination for the copied library contents. The sheet code is event-based, and Id like it to stay in the code. So I was trying to paste the library contents into this sheet to retain the sheet code, where if I paste the entire sheet directly from the library, I dont get to keep the sheet code, because the library, by definition, is supposed to be (vba free)

so...Ive been chasing two different possible solutions, neither one with much luck yet.
(1) Learn how to copy cells from a worksheet with the images included
i know you can use vba to copy images, but the sheets have varying numbers of images, so theres no good way to programatically handle all sheets
shapes(1).copy, ...
might be more than one image


you still can use shapes.count and start a loop, did you tried that?
however, there might be a downside, when you copy and paste, they will all be over each other, but you can override it by using:
Sheet1.shapes(x).left = Sheet2.shapes(x).left
sheet1.shapes(x).top = sheet2.shapes(x).top
assuming copying shape from Sheet2 to Sheet1
does that make sense?

Monday 2/6/2012
May 14

Can we use excel worksheet to evaluate a multiple choice question answer sheet?

for eg: to a question, 1) Prime Minister of UK is
a) David Cameron b) Nick Klegg c) Gordon Brown d) None of the above.
how to use logical formulas in EXCEL for candidates answering as a/b/c/d and to assign 1 mark for correct answer and 0 for incorrect


You need to put the answers in one row or one column
Then use the COUNTIF formula to calculate how many A's there

Something like this:

Assuming your answers a,b,c,d are wherever in row 3


Friday 5/14/2010 1:52:10 PM
May 14

How do I enter data in Excel that will update in multiple worksheet?

In Excel 2003, I'm trying to create 2 different reports based on the same set of data.
How do I set it up so that for example, in worksheet one, I enter data, but the data will update in the same fields in other worksheets.


Also try to copy then Paste Special > As Link


Friday 5/14/2010 2:43:04 AM
May 14

In Microsoft Office Excel, how do I get the sheet tabs to show at the bottom?


That was for Excel2003 and earlier
For Excel2007, do this
- Click on the Office Logo at the top left corner
- click on Options
- Go to "Advanced"
- Scroll down until you reach "Display options for this workbook"
- Make sure that you have the "Show sheet tabs" is checked


Friday 5/14/2010 12:01:04 AM