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Apr 6

I am subtracting 2 cells i a excel sheet. Keep getting wrong answer in the same cell off by .01 cent format ok?

Example answer should be $10.20, answer I keep getting is $10.19. All my formatting is o k, all formulas are o k, can only get right answer when I format to 1 Decimal place instead of 2


The number that Excel shows in a cell is not all the time the same number that is calculated
for example
If you have 10.48 in a cell, and formatted that cell with 1 decimal place, then it shows as 10.5
However the number is taken into calculation is not 10.5, but it is 10.48

That may be what you are facing in your example

You can do that:
1- Go to Tools > Options (In Excel2003)
Logo > Excel options (in Excel2007) and search for the setting that says "Precision as displayed"
This will make Excel treat every number (in the current worksheet) as it is displayed, and by then you will see correct values


Monday 4/6/2009 2:33:01 PM