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Nov 13

How many tables needed? urgent plz?

A Manager of CNG station is interested to design a database to accommodate all CNG relevant information. He wants to keep the record of all vehicles, regular customers and all transaction relevant to customer and suppliers. Moreover manager is interested to generate different report relevant to see information about daily weekly or monthly sale and profit record. On some occasion manager of CNG station offer different sale discounts, so he is also interested to keep the record of all discounts. Similarly, manager also using monthly billing system for some type of regular customers.
Q1. How many tables needed.
Q2. design tables.(optional for you viewer :P )


I would say at least 5 tables
Vehicles (one customer can have more than one vehicle)
Services (To have actual service provided with Customer id, supply id, vehicle id, billing id, etc)

And you can add
Billings (to have bills, with Costumer Id, amount, service id, discount id, etc)

let me know

Sunday 11/13/2011 7:12:14 AM