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Nov 19

How do I make a input Text field in Excel 2010 and how do I extract the value of it into other formula?

I'm trying to place a text field in my excel document that would be visible and editable when saving as .PDF or .CSV

So that when users enter a Value, my tables would adjust according to what they filled in.
When I go to the Developers tab, I can't seem to select the Text field option :/

Any ideas on how to do this?


Developers toolbar, doen't have textbox control, because you have millions of them already in the sheet
each cell can be a textbox control
You can modify the layout/format of that sheet to make certain cell looks like a textbox

Or, you can use Control Toolbox textbox

Let me know if that helped or not

Saturday 11/19/2011 12:40:05 AM
Jan 21

How do you make a password field in excel so when you type in one of the cells, it comes up as asterisks *****?


Excel cell does not allow you to do this, you need to do an alternative ways, you got two:
1- You can use the TextBox from Forms toolbar (If you have Excel2003) or from Developer tab (If you have Excel2007)
2- Add a VBA form and add the text box to it.

Wether you do 1 or 2 you need to change the password property of it to make it show you * when you type in it

Again Excel cells can not allow you to do that, forget it

If you need help in doing this, or you don't know how to add a VBA form or Textbox to your Excel sheet, mail me here


Wednesday 1/21/2009 2:21:07 PM