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May 2

Austin fastest growing in US

Austin is the fastest growing city in US in 2011

After being the best city in US for tech jobs, it is now the fastest growing city in US.
It is going to be hard to relocate to another city.

Wednesday May, 2, 2012 0:0
Oct 23

Azher Mehdi

Azher Mehdi, one of my old friends from Baghdad, we were together , me, my brother Ghassan, Anees my cousin and Azher hanging around and reading books from my father's big book library.
Anees was the one that has most passion for books, especially Islamic ones and that was the reason that Saddam and his guys killed him. Read more >>>

Sunday Oct, 23, 2011 0:0
Mar 4

Girls Can't Eat 15 Pizzas

On the way home from school, since we were hungry and the traffic was bad, I asked my 3 kids to think about something (to let them forget about all that).

So I asked them to create a sentence represents my car plate number. Similar to "Girls Can't Eat 15 Pizzas" we sow on Monk few months ago, why not we do one for my car plate and one for Mom's.

So we came up with those two:

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Friday Mar, 4, 2011 0:0
Feb 21

The Free ride

We really had a good time in that free ride, we even had a bus breakdown that made us walk to our car using GPS in phone

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Monday Feb, 21, 2011 0:0
Feb 20
Oct 8

The big move to Austin

Austin Business Journal had an article about my family coming here in Austin Here is the link
These were really exciting days, I finally reached my new Home (I used to say "I lost my home and found it")

Anyways These days are fill with hope and waiting, I can not wait to start my life here and let my kids to adjust and start doing their school


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Monday Oct, 8, 2007 0:0