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8 Blog posts tagged with vbaxlman

Feb 19

Protect VBE Project from Excel VBA macro

After several attempts, I was able to make a macro to protect itself (protect the VBA project in VBE).
This is very rarely used and may not be successful. Read more >>>

Tuesday Feb, 19, 2013 0:0
Feb 14

Delete sheet from Excel VBA without warning

I know it is all around the net, this tip has been helping a lot in my VBA coding.
The funny part is that I don't use it much, but when I need it I have to go online and search for it.
So, smarty pants here decided to put it on my blog, and when searching, I can find it faster. Read more >>>

Thursday Feb, 14, 2013 0:0
Oct 29

7 phone calls for 2 Excel/VBA positions

I knew I will reach this point someday, I just got 7 phone calls about 2 positions, they are the same 2 positions and 7 people called me about them, yes, I am bragging.
Chicago turned to be a very good place for my career, it is cold here, but the job market here within my experties is just fantastic Read more >>>

Monday Oct, 29, 2012 0:0
Feb 17

Sometimes bad news are actually good (VB6 on Win8)

Windows 8 will suppurt VB6 (As this article 6 on 8? Will VB6 be supported on Windows 8? Yep (mostly)! says).
Sometimes the bad news here are actually good, it means we can still be alive for at least 7 years from now (up to 2019), even though the VB6 is kind of old, I guess Microsoft still stuck with it since most of VBA platforms are in VB6 and most of them are actually running entire organizations.

At least this is my openion.

Friday Feb, 17, 2012 0:0
Nov 14

Back to Yahoo!Answers

Going back to Yahoo! Answers, I almost forgot why I left that piece of me there, using the same name VBAXLMan, I start answerring questions.
In the same time, I started adding all of my old answers (The ones I stored in "MyYahooAnswers.xls" file) into my website. Read more >>>

Monday Nov, 14, 2011 0:0
Apr 28

New website approach

I am thinking now that I do the website idea to another domain.

May be a storage that enables users to host all thier digital work, I am thinking of buying domains like:


Or somthing similar.

After that, can have my work as VBAXLMan, my answers and classes in addition to some lessons in Excel

LEt us see where these ideas will take me

Wednesday Apr, 28, 2010 0:0
Apr 19

VBAXLMan will be back

Getting back to VBAXLMan on Yahoo! Answers, starting to answer a lot of Excel questions again, and withen few days, I became a "Top Contributer" again, and got to level 6.

My Yahoo! Answers profile

Monday Apr, 19, 2010 0:0
Apr 19
2010 is back is also back, will try to finish it by the end of this month.

It enables you to host all your digital work.

Monday Apr, 19, 2010 0:0