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Apr 9

Can I count number of rows based on 2 critera that are inputted by the user?

I have many sheets of raw data that I am trying to Roll up in a simple Dashboard using excel. So far I have managed fine but have come stuck on this part.
I am trying to count a number of rows based on 2 criteria. The problem is these criteria are inputted via validation list from the user!

The user selects a name of a program and what week number they would want to view a button is selected to run a macro that calculates this information.

The macro is no problem just the input of the search criteria via validation list.
I have tried everything I know but cant figure it out.
Any help is much appreciated


I would rather you do DSUM
Here is a video lesson on how to do it…

You can make the criteria range as the same as the validation cell (Excel will not mind)

Let me know if everything goes well or not


Thursday 4/9/2009 12:12:14 PM