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Jun 13

Alwah again?

Looks like we are back to Alwah
I am getting some time now to get back to, it has been few years since I stopped that website and lost all these clients, not a good start.

However, I am back now and this time is not going to be stupid as last time

Monday Jun, 13, 2016 10:27
Aug 21

IraqiNames or ArabicNames in Bootstrap

A long past due project that comes to life within 3 weeks. with flexibility to add new names by users, add transliterations and name means.
I admit, I am having some free time. Read more >>>

Friday Aug, 21, 2015 7:36
Jan 11

DB restoration

I am not sure if the hacking attempt late last year or I messed something up while using my Excel-based website admin, my DB was messed up and I had to spend around 3 hours to clear and restore.

I really need to finish that Excel-based DB autobackup application soon.

Sunday Jan, 11, 2015 0:0
Sep 21

Alwah, my beloved

It has been few months, and all my attempts to bring back Alwah were a complete fail
I admit, I am not spending as much time as I intended, but I was not planning this, and it is bugging me with nightmares. I have to fix it, I need to fix, it is such a lose.

Sunday Sep, 21, 2014 7:33
Apr 1

Unlimited plan, not unlimited anymore

So the limited plan I thought I have is not so "Limited"
My files online have crossed the 25GB limit, that made the people at my hosting company to contact me and complain that my files is taking too much space and I need to delete some.

IT was a shock, but I remember that there was talking for a while about how "Unlimited plans" are not so "Unlimited". Read more >>>

Monday Apr, 1, 2013 0:0
Feb 9

Sites transfers and moves

Spent few hours (when was trying to fix one of my clients email issues) into moving most of my sites to my own server.
This was prepared for few weeks now, in addition to my client sites, I also moved,,, Most of them were linked to this site.
The new challange now is to host email server on my own and start providing email services.

Saturday Feb, 9, 2013 0:0
Apr 2

1st Own Server database

After few hours of digging and playing, I managed to run the SQL server 2008 on my 1st Server.
Now I am ready to go, Online server with SQL database that support Arabic and ready to go.
I might just tweak the speed a little bit. Go on ANmar, the road is plain in front of you

Monday Apr, 2, 2012 0:0
Mar 16

My VBA function lib online

I started these days uploading my own VBA function lib to my website.
You can find them by search for VBA function
These are the actual tools that I am using in my daily VBA programming in Excel (and sometimes in Classic ASP). Let me know if you have any question regarding any of those.

Friday Mar, 16, 2012 0:0
Jan 25

Faster SQL

After few months of working in (also I notice that the home page is kind of slow.
So I give it a thought and decided to go a head and update my SQL commands in the home page only to be faster.
Basically what I did was combining all home page SQL commands into one (actually two) instead of the way it was executing (was executing around 15 SQL commands).
Read more >>>

Wednesday Jan, 25, 2012 0:0
Jan 22

XL f(x)s in Wordpress

I have to do it. And I did.
After few years of pushing the CMS away from me, I finally joined it.
Created the website XL f(x)s (I already had the domain for a while now) using WordPress, and did some updation.

No knowledge is bad, so learning WordPress, even late, is good, also after all these months of experiences of HTML and CSS, the WordPress does make sense.

Sunday Jan, 22, 2012 0:0
Dec 27

Updates to Folder8

Some updates were made to Folder8 during recent few days.
After I received our family videos from Baghdad (with tons of old family photos)

I decided to share these videos with family. I have to admit I built Folder8 having that in mind. Read more >>>

Tuesday Dec, 27, 2011 0:0
Dec 17

Website Pointer again

Using the 'Website Pointer' again, I have now connected, and ?????.com to Read more >>>

Saturday Dec, 17, 2011 0:0
Dec 14

SQL fx

I had to notice that having a lot of tags in my Questions and Answers causing a delay in reading that page.
Blog tags mechanism had different approach, but tags for Questions and Answers are kind of wider and open for more in future. Read more >>>

Wednesday Dec, 14, 2011 0:0
Dec 3

Own server attempt failure

Attempt failed to establish my own server.
I was looking to a simple cheap easy-to-follow method to create my own server hosting my own website(s) on one of my machines, but it failed.
It is clear that the DNS/IP/CNAME settings where I don't have any experience in were the main thing against me. I tried to avoid that using or with something called "cloaking" to stop showing IP to end user, but it wasn't what I am looking for. Read more >>>

Saturday Dec, 3, 2011 0:0
Nov 29

Website Pointer

I had to learn this technique, linking two domains to one actual site, not redirecting.

And after few searching, I got it and finally linked to

That was joyful and promising, now I just need to remember how to do it to link and to after it is ready to be used.

I might also revisit that procedure and generate screenshot for it, sounds a very good idea now.

Tuesday Nov, 29, 2011 14:25
Nov 28

And now for the second time, I bought another host with the same company. It is all thanksgiving blank friday's fault, the discount was too much that I couldn't resist it, especially when they include renewal price with it.
This time I got the domain (or as I call it ANmarus) and we yesterday bought another domain preparing it for the new diary site (or journal), the idea was Afnan's and the domain name was manely from Shukran's name.

Let us hope that we all keep the energy up regarding this project

Monday Nov, 28, 2011 0:0
Nov 26

My own HTTP server on Win7 ... finally

After few days of trying and failing, I managed tonight to have access to my own server, it is actually a folder on my own laptop that I can access using an IP address+Port.

It was indeed one of my oldest dreams, to get my own server, I don't have one yet, but I know how to do one, I was lost among the IPs, ISPs, DNSs, and stuff like that until made it.

The trick was that my ISP was blocking the port 80, so I have to add another port to my Firewall, then add a port forward in my router firewall (Since I am behind a router) to have access to it.

Check my free subdomain linked to my ip here Read more >>>

Saturday Nov, 26, 2011 0:0
Nov 20

Adding testimonials

After few days of ideas and thoughts, I added my all testimonials to my site ( with a small slider at home screen, still need to add the "Testimonials" page, which will be in few days.

Sunday Nov, 20, 2011 0:0
Oct 29

Folder8 is online is now online, I have this idea for a while now, could finaly save few days to implement it.
Folder8 is my vision on how sharing should be, user can create folder (of three types of folders) with no registration.

Read more >>>

Saturday Oct, 29, 2011 0:0
Oct 6

Convert facebook posts to Excel

Few days ago I had that app in facebook to help me import all my facebook status posts and links into an Excel sheet.
Link to first post

The challange was to combine them both, since Get Me My Data does each type of post in a seperate process, and the one that does all wall is not alighned well.
So I created an Excel spreadsheet called fb.xlsx that does that, which is:
- Reads from the CSV generated by Get me my data into Excel sheet (both Status posts and links posts). Read more >>>

Thursday Oct, 6, 2011 0:0
Oct 3

CSS DateStamp

Obviously I spent some time on CSS these days, during my efforts to update my site and adding Blog and some nice Date stamps. I did search the net for nice ones
Read more >>>

Monday Oct, 3, 2011 0:0
Oct 30

Alwah is ranking up

After few months now, it looks like Alwah is going up.

The Alexa rank is now 700,000+

And the Google PR is 3.

Read more >>>

Saturday Oct, 30, 2010 5:26
Jul 19

Hacking attempts on

They have been trying that for a while but after some attempts they could access the database. my first website faced a hacking attempt.

I liked that, that proves that the website is grabbing some visitors now, and it is becoming more and more popular.

Read more >>>

Monday Jul, 19, 2010 0:0
Jul 11

Where is

This is not good.

It has been more than 6 months since I last added features to, and I don't like that.

Read more >>>

Sunday Jul, 11, 2010 0:0
Jun 30

Shukran' s blog

Shukran is now has her own blog, it is here Shukran's Shake and it took me longer than I planned due to some changes in the template.

Anyhow, I am learning new stuff doing all these blogs, and will be doing more soon.

Wednesday Jun, 30, 2010 0:0
Jun 20

Now is Shukran's turn

Searching for a blog for my middle lovely daughter Shukran

She has really good attitude and really may be the one that will involve into online stuff the most.


Let's hope that

Sunday Jun, 20, 2010 0:0
Jun 7

Web development - structure diagram

This is a very good diagram that shows how the web developing and related design knowledges are structured.

Check it out, it is very helpful to understand it. Read more >>>

Monday Jun, 7, 2010 0:0
May 24

24 Domains and the number is going up

I just found out that I have 24 domain names that I need to track and control.

Most of them are not online yet, hoo, I got to keep up working on this to make them online.

It is all starts with and ends up with DCave

Monday May, 24, 2010 0:0
May 19


After doing some searches, I found the design I am looking for.

It is more like me, and attractive.

So, after buying it, started to implement. this process will take a while.

Wednesday May, 19, 2010 0:0
May 17

Another daughter blog

Now my eldest has her own blog, using the same old skin

AMI's 964

Which using the same engine I talked about earlier.

Monday May, 17, 2010 0:0
May 15

Advancing needs more Aggressive Rules

Advancing needs more aggressive rules
It is true, I tried it and still doing it all the time.
Meanning, that if you want to advance in any subject, you have to got some rules that are more aggressive than usual

Saturday May, 15, 2010 0:0
May 15

New Afnan' s website

Yesterday, my youngest daughter asked to have her own blog.

I said, yes sure

After we searched for a free CSS templates, we found one and I spent the next 4 hours working with it.

Now, she got one, much easier to deal with, much elegant. (Thanks to my growing experience)

Check out her blog here:

Saturday May, 15, 2010 0:0
May 15

My Multiple Blog skins

After doing my youngest daughter blog, (Afnan's corner), I tried to do kind of universal blog enging that can fit any HTML template skin after some work need to be done in HTML > ASP coding, this will also help when any of my kids or relative asked fo a blog, in my website domain.

So here are what I have done so far:

Oy old skin blog (original)

My New skin (Blog1)

My Blog2

My Blog3

And my best one My Blog4

I will try to post also more blog skins

Saturday May, 15, 2010 0:0
May 14

DCave is coming soon

That is it....

DCave is coming soon, I spent a lot of my recent time working on, now after I have bought DCave, I will move to it.

Why DCave? that is another story, read the full article to know.....!!

Read more >>>

Friday May, 14, 2010 0:0
May 12

New ANmars logo

This is the new banner

They said "Needing is the mother of invention", or somthing like that

That is what is hapenning here with me, I had to go to the graphic section to make some beautiful stuff.

More graphic changes are comming... especially in

Read more >>>

Wednesday May, 12, 2010 0:0
May 12

New Captcha

It looks like sometimes the complicated solution (advanced one) will not be as effictive as the simple cheap one.

I was used to reCaptcha for a while now, even though i am facing some spam recently though that.

So I am changing to a simple one, after few searches, I got this one.

It is stupidely simple, let me see if it will work and prevent the spam or not.

Wednesday May, 12, 2010 0:0
Apr 28

New website approach

I am thinking now that I do the website idea to another domain.

May be a storage that enables users to host all thier digital work, I am thinking of buying domains like:


Or somthing similar.

After that, can have my work as VBAXLMan, my answers and classes in addition to some lessons in Excel

LEt us see where these ideas will take me

Wednesday Apr, 28, 2010 0:0
Apr 19
2010 is back is also back, will try to finish it by the end of this month.

It enables you to host all your digital work.

Monday Apr, 19, 2010 0:0
Apr 4

Alwa7 or Alwah

After few months of developing, the website Alwa7 or Alwah is attracting some visitors now. Read more >>>

Sunday Apr, 4, 2010 0:0
Apr 13

New banner logo for

New banner logo I have edit the old one after few days to show what is exactly what I want Thanks to GIMP2, It is now great...!

Monday Apr, 13, 2009 0:0
Feb 20

ASP blog system

I liked this blog system, so I decided to use it as my blog site
It is called Forest Blog, and it is rather simple and got the Categories feature along with multi user
Just exactly how I wanted it Read more >>>

Friday Feb, 20, 2009 0:0