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Apr 4

Can i print a webpage onto a saved word document?

Can i print a webpage onto a saved word document WITHOUT having to copy the webpage then open that word document and paste it?I have a letterhead i made in Word i have it saved and i want to print customers invoices from my website backoffice and it opens up the invoices as a webpage view of course and btw it is a HEADACHE to import to excel then quickbooks so im not taking that route so please let me know if there is anyway i can print a webpage onto a saved word document so i dont have 2 copy and paste every order otherwise i will have 2 go 2 Kinkos or staples and have 2 make 500 copies of the header then set my printer up so it always prints from a little below the header etc please help me save 50$bucks all the time for copying thanks!


After you save the webpage as HTML, depending on your browser (usually File > Save As)
Go to Word and open that file using File > Open

You can also try that in Excel
Or, in Excel, you can go to Data tab, and select "From Web"

Hope this will help


Sunday 4/4/2010 5:08:39 PM
Apr 18

How do i send web-page like news letter of site in yahoo and hot mail mail in box ?


First, if you want to send as Whole page
you need to save the web-page on your computer.
1- Go to File > Save As > select where you want to save the web page > select "Web archive single file" in file type > Save.
2- Send this file as attachment in any web-based e-mail.

Second, if you want to send the page as link.
1- Go to File > Send > Shorcut to desktop
this will make a shortcut to that page on desktop.
2- Again attach tnis file and send


Tuesday 4/18/2006 8:49:03 PM