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Apr 13

How do you write a VBA function to work in any Excel spreadsheet you have open?

I wrote a function and saved it in my personal.xls file. When I want to call that function from another spreadsheet, I have to write Personal.xls!FunctionName(). Is there a way to write the code so that I don't have to reference my personal file each time?


That is because your function name is the same as a build-in function already used in Excel
Try a unique function name, like MYFunc0001

That is the only reason I see, otherwise, the function would be work easily as long as the function file is open

I am using that all the time

let me know


Tuesday 4/13/2010 7:47:09 AM
Mar 31

How do you turn macros on in microsoft excel 2007?


First, you will need to save your file as Excel macro-enabled worksheet with XLSM as extension rather the default XLSX.

If you are doing ans XLS 2003 file type, ignore that

Then once you open the macro file, Excel will show you a new bar above the Formula bar with "Security warning"
like this screen…

Click on "Options" and enable the macro content

Show the "Developer" tab, here is a lesson on how to show it…

Then in the Developer tab, click on "Macro Security" in the "Code" section


Tuesday 3/31/2009 6:18:07 PM