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May 3

Windows startup sounds

All Windows Startup sounds

From Win3.1 to Win7, I do remember all of them, Duh

Monday May, 3, 2010 0:0
Nov 14

Installing XP on VISTA-Only Computers

I am now taking the challenge to install XP on computers already with VISTA.
This is really a challenge since you need to disable the SATA setting in the BIOS, and the name of the setting is not the same in every PC.
Sometimes they call it Enable SATA compatible.
Also you will need to get the drivers ready for all devices, and after that, you will have to try more than one for every device since the first time is always wrong.
You may need to look for the device drivers for another machines that are compatible with your device, something like searching HP laptop drivers for the modem that your DELL is using.

Sometimes also the drivers for VISTA can run in XP (If you did not use the exe file and install the driver from the Control Panel instead

Friday Nov, 14, 2008 0:0