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Compare2Sheets    Added: 5/13/2011 | Created: 1/27/2011   

Full formula-driven sheet to compare between two sheets from differant files in differant folders, just follow instructions on sheet 'Main', you will notice the power of formulas to compare two seperate sheets against each other.
As per instructions in 'Main' sheet. you need to change the settings in 'Compare' sheet, for folder path, filename, sheet name, start cell column and start cell row for sheet1 and the same for Sheet2.
Once that set, you need to open both files, then do a refresh. IF you don't do other changes the sheet will give you:

  • An equal sign '=' if both cells from both sheets are exactly the same.
  • A blank cell if both cells are blanks.
  • 'B_1' if cell in File1 is blank but there is a value in equivelant cell in File2
  • 'B_2' if cell in File2 is blank but there is a value in equivelant cell in File1
  • 'N' if both cells have value but they are not the exact same.

The new-more-simplified version is found here in Compare2, based on a request from a client.

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