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Store    Added: 6/20/2011 | Created: 7/20/2002   

Simple app to store a table of 10 columns into special file
No Setup needed, just unpack the zip into a folder, and run.
You can easily modify the column headers by openning the (Store.fur) file in notepad:
- Close (Store) if it is open
- Open (Notepad)
- Drag (Store.fur) into the Notepad window
- Modify what is after the symbol (=) in all lines that starts with (15=)
- Save file and exit
- Run (Store) again

User Interface can in each Arabic or English language. Default in English language. To use Arabic do the following:
- Close (Store)
- In (Store) folder, rename (Store.fur) into any other name, like (EnStore.fur)
- Rename (ArStore.fur) into (Store.fur)
- Run (Store) again

Let me know if you need anything

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