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TeeGen    Added: 4/4/2016 | Created: 2/2/2014   

A customized tool to create tallysheets for a test based on user adjustments.
This was a great win, once we presented this tool, we were able to save around 80% of consumed time to create these tallyheets. The tool is completely customized in a way that user (Admin level of users) may change the column mapping allocation table to refer to another column in any of the input files.
Then the regular user will run the tool to create these tests tallysheets.
TeeGen is used to import several dbf files (or csv, xls, xlsxm if found and presented by user) from a defined tree folder structure into spreadsheet, it uses customized rules to do this import, these rules can be modified by "Admin" only, and changed to fit each city needs.

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