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XLThumbs    Added: 6/27/2015 | Created: 6/27/2015   

Show pictures inside Excel sheet as Thumbs (Listview like) with ability to enlarge any picture with single click and auto-arrange in user-defined number of columns


  • Automatically arrange images in sheet based on pre-set settings (in Settings sheet)
  • Enlarge picture when click, restore it when clicked again or clicked any cell
  • Modify number of columns to show these pictures
  • Modify X and Y for first (top left) image
  • Modify horizontal and vertical spavec between these images
  • VBA code available to anyone
  • User can modify almost everything in Settings sheet

To apply to your sheet:

  1. 1- Insert all pictures
  2. 2- Each picture should have its own unique name
  3. 3- Modify settings in Sheet to have pictures count, and name of these pictures in order, order in Settings sheet will be the order that they will be arranged
  4. 4- Add code in VBE for each individual pic, "Sub Enlarge_Pic8()" from mMain module

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