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BarCodeGen    Added: 8/20/2011 | Created: 11/4/2009   

Word2003 document to generate one page of BarCodes using Code39, and putting 30 barcodes in a one-page Word document ready to print (based on Avery5260 printing sheet or Template 5160)

  • You need to enable macros to make it work.
    - In Word2010, click on the 'Enable Content' once open
    - In Word2007, once file is started, click Options > Enable Macros.
    - n Word2003 and earlier, go to Tools > Macros > Security > Medium, then reopen the file.
  • The process can take long time if generating alot of codes in Random, since it is checking if the new code is repeated or not.
  • You should not need the font itself, but if anything goes wrong, the font (IDAutomationHC39M) is in the zip file, just copy it to folder C:\Windows\Fonts
    Download Font 1
    or here
    Download 2
  • Any feedback, please e-mail me
  • Thanks

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