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Compare2    Added: 8/28/2012 | Created: 8/28/2012   

Same like Compare2Sheets, this file will compare between two sheets in formula/functions method.
As for the earlier version (Compare2Sheets) this one needs to have the full folder locations, file names and sheets names for both file1 and file2. Then once these files are open, the sheet will be updated with comparison results, showing that every cell is checking for its equivelant addresses from both sheets in both files.

  • If cell in 'Compare' worksheet is blank, it means both equivelant cells in the two worksheets are blank.
  • If it is green 'Y', that means they are identical in value.
  • If it is red 'N', it means they are not equal/

This one is more simplified than Compare2Sheets, and more direct to the point.

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