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Conny_v2    Added: 6/16/2015 | Created: 5/31/2015   

Conny v1.1 had some issues in installing the needed driver, this is the working version, with ability to Uninstall driver.

For reference, get Conny v1.1 here
Customized testing tool to test and fix MSSQL connection to DB, after playing for a while with SQL queries within Excel, it looks like we will need a small tool like this to ensure that client PC is able to run these queries from EXCEL and VBA, this was actually a small part of a larger project that I am preparing, and instantly used in two more projects.

Conny will fix the DB connection by installing the needed SQL Native Client (included in the zip), user may also download this client from links provided in the tool.
And of course user will be able to change these settings, it is not me if I do not allow some space for customizations.

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