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TaShee    Added: 4/15/2013 | Created: 4/15/2013   

New release found here (TaShee3)

Just like PowerPivot, TaShee, Lets you manage your SQL tables in Microsoft Excel
After you connect to a database in MSSQL server (SQL 10 is used, Server=SQLNCLI10), you can manage any table in that database and add, update, delete any set of rows.
This was part of my tool to manage my current website ( I have been using it for more than 4 months now and trying to update it as I can.

Watch the video for instructions on how to change settings for table and databse as well as how to access sheets D and Template, where you can modify hidden settings, if you feel you need to.

  • Table should be already exists in Database
  • Table should have first col as primary unique key (called ID)

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