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AutorunMacro    Added: 3/26/2012 | Created: 3/26/2012   

Based on a client request.
Running Excel macro like an exe file
This Excel file runs certain macro in certain file (must be placed next to AutorunMacro.xlsm) then closes the file (with or without saving) after that macro is finished.
Why do you need it?
To automate running macros using Task Scheduler in Windows or any other scheduler program
What you need to do?

  1. 1- Put a copy of AutorunMacro.xlsm next to the file that has the macro.
  2. 2- Open AutorunMacro.xlsm
  3. 3- Enable Macros
  4. 4- Once prompt, click on (Cancel Auto)
  5. 5- Modify cells with the file name and macro name that you want to autorun and if you want to save that file or not upon exit (that file must be in the same folder as AutorunMacro.xlsm)
  6. 6- Save and Close
  7. 7- If you have Office2010, Excel2010 will remember the settings for enabling macros for AutorunMacro.xlsm in addition to your own macro, and stop asking you to enable macros again
  8. 8- Add a task to open AutorunMacro.xlsm in any scheduler to be run at your time set or condition

  9. Anytime AutorunMacro.xlsm run, it will show the (Cancel Auto) dialog for few seconds, then proceed with running the requested macro in requested file

This file is provided as is, for any further changes or modifications, please contact me

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